Beer Ram!

So when someone says “The span of time is from October 1st to October 16th” wouldn’t you expect to have all of October 16th to be in the span of time? Or does from X to Y imply that Y isn’t included in the range? I only ask because the Beer Fest in WoW (the game) ran through the 16th, which I assumed would mean that all of the 16th and perhaps a little of the 17th might be Beer Fest days (as the server is on California time and thus we get that fun extra three hours as the sun marches its way from us to the west coast). However, Beer Fest only ran through 11am October 16th since that’s when they shut the servers down for routine maintenance.

Thus, we had to get my little priestie to 40 Monday night else I was doomed to ride a chicken. Hate. But also done. Yessiree, we slammed through the last two levels this weekend and Monday and now my little priestie can ride a ram. Which is really kind of like a hairy goat now that I think on it so I’ve traded a riding chicken for a hairy riding goat but I do not care. BEER RAM!

I also had enough tickets left over to get a pony keg so all my party members can be drunker than skunks every 15 minutes plus a pair of beer goggles. The goggles, I think, make everyone look like they are the opposite sex which made everyone female from my male priestie’s point of view. Some of them were also turned into orcs and I’m not too sure what’s going on with that as my priestie’s an elf but whatever floats his boat. What I do know is that some guys make hideous chicks. Yoiks. Sadly I forgot I had them on so when I found an NPC I was looking for I was all asquee and then really confused when she turned up male. Buhhh? TheMan had to remind me that I first encountered said NPC as seen through the beer goggles and thus the confusion. I decided to keep the goggles safely in the bank.

The next fun thing they are going to roll out is all Hollow’s eve but we’ll be away on a road trip of quasi epic (or maybe just fairly insane) proportions. Updates may be sketchy but I’ll be sure to have tons o’ pics and some massive back posting to make up for it.

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