The Great Minnesota Memorial Picto-post Part 1

On the way out of town we ran across this shipping company. TheMan heartily approves. Also, not a bad way to start our 1600 mile trip. Not bad at all.

I am also amused that the truck seems to be named Larry and there is some sort of DON’T! sticker on the window which looks like a lady straight out of the 1800s carrying an overnight bag. I think it might be warning against Marry Poppinses.

We puttered along through Michigan, Indiana and Illinois listening to our book on tape (Terry Prachett’s Making Money – highly recommended!) until something fun and picture worthy popped up. I have no idea what this building is about but I sort of liked it so I took a snap. It’s probably some wastewater plant or giant grain storage facility.

The first shot of the Sears Tower. Whooo! Actually this isn’t the first shot I took of the tower but rather the first shot where you can actually see the building. The very first pic of the tower I artfully framed behind a giant bypass. 1337 camera 5k1llz! I kinda like the blowing paper in the road and whatever that 999 sign is about off to the side.

There ya go, the building proper. I wish one of my three million skyline pics had come out because I noticed this time out and around Chicago that it’s a really neat looking town. Alas, my camera fu was not at its strongest.

Just a cool little ChiTown church. Does anyone else really hate the expression ChiTown?

Again, I apologize for my weak camera fu here. There was a much better angle and I almost was on the ball but alas, this is what you will have to settle for. I believe this is Fenway Park? Well it’s a giant sports place of some sort right smack dab in the middle of Chicago. Also, why do all the interesting things happen off on TheMan’s side of the car?

I never really thought about how they get train wheels from one spot to another but now I know. I would have thought by rail might be apropos but I guess I was wrong. Heh, train wheelz!

Welcome to Wisconsin! Wisconsin is one flat boring state, BTW. Not that lower Michigan is all peaches and charm but damn there is a lot of farm land in and around Wisconsin. Also, we stopped at the rest stop in Wisconsin to relieve our road weary bladders and lo! They had locked all the bathroom doors. That was unexpected. Apparently Wisconsin might be all about the welcoming but not so much with the relieving.

We eventually found a rest area further down the road so Wisconsin decided to pull out the weather. The entire rest of the state and on into Minnesota we traveled in rain and gloom. It makes for neat pics but not so much for fun driving. I don’t think Wisconsin liked us.

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3 Responses to “The Great Minnesota Memorial Picto-post Part 1”

  1. Sean K. Says:

    Actually, the sign on the side of the stadium identifies it as US Cellular Field – in other words, one of those annoying corporate names with no soul.

    And for the record, Fenway Park is in Boston. That’s where game 2 of the world series is taking place as I type (a closer game than last night’s).

  2. Boo Says:

    Yeah…TheMan told me that Fenway was in Boston and that this would be Wrigley Field if it was any such beast. Which apparently it isn’t. Or it might be the ball park formerly known as Wrigley Field now soullessly renamed US Cellular. Don’t get me started about “Comerica Park”, I was much happier with Tiger Stadium.

  3. Kevin Says:

    Getting warmer! Wrigley Field is still called Wrigley Field. US Cellular used to be … new Comiskey Park (I had to think about it). It’s where the White Sox play.

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