A Pirate’s Life

Just for you because I know you are burning to know: Another weekend recap in a nut shell. Guess what movie we saw this weekend eh? Hints? Well other than the title? How about-

Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of rum!

Mmmm, rum.

So then, yes TheMan, the Qs and I all went to see Pirates of the Caribbean and I highly suggest you go see it too. Well not now because while I’ll wait for you to go read someone else’s blog I have recommended I sure as heck wont wait for you to go get a bunch of friends together, decide on a place and time, go see the movie and then come back here. Well, unless you are one of those weird people who watch movies alone (Which some people actually do as a preference and not just as a once in a freakish while happenstance. I just don’t get it, I mean, who do these people discuss the movie with? Do they go to bars and parties alone too? Weird!) in which case, no you cant go and see the movie and then come back here either. I got standards, you know! So anyway, Pirates.

It’s a four “Arrrrr” movie, the perfect Summer flick. It’s got a decent plot that doesn’t over tax your brain yet doesn’t insult your intelligence and ask you to believe the unbelievable. Nope, it’s really straight forward Pirates come after pirate booty, pirates kidnap fair maiden, our hero with the help of salty vet pirate goes to rescue fair maiden and of course the ultimate fight with the big bad at the end. Plus, it’s got awesome SF/X that do not become a main character (Hi George Lucas) and lots of hack and slash, down and dirty sword fighting. Arrr! The fight choreography was good too, hack slash, everyone keeping their feets where they should be (Hi Neo, please get off the walls…we just had them painted) but the best part of the movie was Johnny Depp. Heh, love me some Johnny Depp.

Oh yeah. Orlando Bloom. Ahhhh, I’d be a pirate any day for him. Of course I love square riggers and sword fighting and the open seas and treasure so I suppose I’d be a pirate anyhow but thrown in some eye candy like Mr. Bloom and I’m all about the outlawing.

So Friday, to backtrack, I went and spent money so we would have a place to put our stuff. I got a twin to the book shelf I got at World market a few years back and ordered a 1000 CD holder (all the CDs in one place! Say it aint so!) and two shelfy display thing-it-things. They are 12″ x 14″ x 72″ and have 5 shelves so whatever kind of shelf thing that is I got. I expect we will put a lot of the breakables and things we don’t want the cats getting on them as well as maybe videos or something on the bottom shelves. I have a lot of display trinkets I’d like to have out and not in boxes. I also have a lot of candle things I have decided I really don’t need to have any more. Anyone want some wrought iron candle holder thingies? I don’t know why I never decide before I move that I do not need a particular item but yet again I have moved a box of things that I took a look at this morning and said “Eh, haven’t unboxed it in two or more years, away it can go”. Then again, I still have my calc notes from High School but that’s something completely different. I am afraid that my old math teacher will come haunt me if I throw them out and I am not entirely sure if he is dead yet or not. I bet I’m not the only one either. Heh.

Hee, and speaking of crapola, I went and got more crap this Friday! Whooo! TheMan said that a transformer had blown and that there was no electricity so I decided to pick up some tapers and candle sticks and dinner and make a romantic evening out of it. Oh, and chocolates too because feeding your honey chocolates is romantic. And more chocolates because there were a couple different kinds in the ones I picked up and I couldn’t decide which I wanted to take home (I got them both!). And a chocolate bar because there was a hoity toity looking candy bar right next to the Lindt bars and I love Lindt chocolate so I thought I’d try this other gourmet looking brand and of course cookies because they were on sale! Oi. Never go shopping when you are hungry and have a sweet tooth thing going on. I also got something for my sis, martini glasses that I can live with for TheMan (I have a thing about martini glasses. For whatever reason I can not stand their triangle on a stick shape. Do. Not. Like. It. At. All. BLECH! I decided though that the triangle on a base (no stick) was OK so I picked up a pair of those. Yeah, I’m a freak), a string of 4″ Chinese lantern bulbs, because miniature Chinese lanterns are cute! And something else that we don’t have room for. You know, I can’t even begin to fathom this step of non-logic other than I was hungry and come on…4″ Chinese lanterns!

Hrrrrm. ANYWAY, I got stuff, we cleaned, we ate (too much) and we watched a Smithee film. Shopping, cleaning, movie, sleeping, cleaning, eating, movie, sleeping, church, game, sleeping and there is my weekend in one short blurb. If I weren’t so wordy I could do all my entries in 11 words or less. I’d be like e.e. cummings! Oh, wait, punctuation.

I have decided that the time has come (with or without the walrus) and I started in on the Bow Flex 20 minute three times a week, six weeks to a better body program this morning. I am feeling nicely worked out but I am also having trouble figuring out on what world working out from 5:42 to 6:52 is 20 minutes. I expected to be maybe double the time for my first run at this but more than triple? If this is standard I am going to have to start getting up at 5:00 in the morning to get to work on time. 5:00! I am not sure my body knows how to walk much less do an ab crunchie reverse sity pulling thing. Grrrumph.

Lastly, I just have to share this bit of very wrong. I was on hold with the printer repair guys today and they were playing this familiar sounding jazzy thing on the hold channel. It was so incredibly familiar yet I just could not figure out what it was. My mind was all “Oh, Oh! I know this one! Wait, wait…It’s-no…wait, it’s right on the tip of my tongue” and it got to the point where I was humming along and trying not to listen to the jazzy jazzness of it, figuring that I knew the tune but not in that style. Three minutes later I had it: The theme to Knight Rider.

Jazzy Knight Rider theme on the hold phone with a major printer company. Ow, wait…damnit there goes my brain.

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