The Great Minnesota Memorial Picto-post Part 2

We got in late on Thursday so we missed the meet and greet over at my mother’s cousin Tom and his lovely wife Jean’s house. So that would be my…second cousin? First cousin once removed? What is your mother’s cousin to you? Would that be second cousin or are second cousins your cousin’s kids? First cousins once removed then? Hold on, lemmie look it up…alrighty! Wikipedia has this to say about cousinship and the answer is…First cousin once removed! For now. Incidentally, your cousin’s kids are also first cousins once removed. I think it has to do with some sort of generational skipping.

And now cousin isn’t sounding like a word anymore.

Anyway, The Minnesota clan came out for the memorial (three FCORs, spouses and a great aunt) as well as my mumses, Mr. Paul, sis and my uncle and aunt. Of the thirteen people there I knew seven of them, knew of four of them and found out that I still have a living great aunt. She is my grandmother’s brother’s wife and as far as I know, the only great aunt I have living. Keen! We had a small but nice gathering at the gravesite where my grandmother’s family is buried, said a few words, got rained on just a smidge and then drove back to FCOR Phil and his lovely wife Joanne’s house for cocktails and munchies.

Then it was on to dinner at a very nice place where we yakked the night away reliving old memories. My relatives can yak!

Buuuut…ummmm…the memorial wasn’t until 3 and since we all got up at 8 there was a bit of time to kill. My mumses and the Minnesota crew were going to do a memory lane tour thing, which I was down with until I remembered my mother’s propensity to go up to houses she had once lived in and ask if she could come inside. I don’t mind a drive by ogling but I draw the line at poking my head into other people’s bidness (and houses). Mr. Paul, Sis and I all opted out and decided instead to check out the Mall of America.

And so we did. Check it out…four floors of glorious capitalism! Although really, the fourth floor doesn’t cover the entire mall footprint so I feel like they are cheating. It’s like counting that last top floor of a castle’s tower bits as an entire floor when really it’s just four round bits that stick up above the rest of the keep. A keep that has an aquarium and amusement part inside as well as just about any other store you can think of.

You thought I was kidding about the amusement park. There are at least three roller coasters, one log ride, a Ferris wheel, two platform swingie thingies, go karts, three other kiddie rides and they are breaking through the floor to build something else. I’d say there are maybe 15 rides (kiddie rides included) all packed in here.

This one was our favorite and the only roller coaster running. We didn’t do any amusing or parking because we didn’t feel like dropping $25 on unlimited passes for only a couple rides and couldn’t see spending six bucks a pop to ride each ride but we did decide that this one would be one of the rides we would ride if we did. Damn, that was just once sentence wasn’t it?

Sis and I saw this store on the directory and had to go see what they sold. I mean…lovesac??

Sadly, they didn’t sell spicy adult fun toys but rather giant sized bean bag chairs. You know…like love seat sized bean sacs. We were both highly disappointed.

On the other hand…LINDT STORE!!! They have a Lindt outlet!!!

They also had a Lego store that was so full of win I don’t even know where to start. It was set up in the bottom level of an atrium deelie so they had lots of room to set up giant sized Lego guys.

Giant Space guys! That…ummm…are being eaten by a square pit monster? Check out the skeleton space guys. That’s a little disturbing and also kinda Smithee which made me smile.

Lego space shuttle guy!

Lego dinosaur birds in a nest with a cracked Lego egg bits! This store was so full of win we might have spent a little bit of money to show our ecstatic delight.

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