So TheMan and I have a “thing” going in which we’re challenging ourselves to keep the heat off until November 1st. Why? I couldn’t really tell you other than we’ve toughed it out so far from sheer grit and laziness that to give in now and turn the furnace on would be like giving up. It’d also be like being warm but that’s just silly talk! Warm is for wimps!

Besides, November 1st sounded like a nice round date to fire up the heat.

And thus, it has dipped down to mighty chilly since we’ve issued this challenge to ourselves. On the plus side, having just been up north (eh!), Monday night and Tuesday were feeling downright balmy in comparison. Then I woke up to find that the indoor temperature was 57 degrees one morning and I about smacked myself for being a tough guy. Apparently I only have a one or two day reacclimatization period and then it’s back to stacking a bunch o’ blankets on the bed and burrowing.

We will persevere though because we are made of sterner stuff. I also might take up baking this weekend to get the oven all fired up. What? I gots bananas and squash in the freezer yo what got to be made up into breadz! Not to mention anything else I can think of to keep the oven going. Heh.

TheMan is finally recovered from Magellaning Lake Michigan. He did all the driving and deserves huge kudos (and other things a husband might want) from yours truly for driving 8-10 hours every other day. Wow. And before you get all up in my grill about relief driving, TheMan knows that he just has to ask and I’ll spell him for a…errr…spell. Apparently he is made of sterner stuff though as he usually winds up doing all the driving anyway. 1600 miles takes a bit out of a person and I also think we might be coming down with some sort of winter cold.

Or maybe we should think about turning the heat on instead of waking up shivery with stuffed sinuses and scratchy throats.


To keep our mind off the chilly, I’ve been thinking of stuff that needs to be done this weekend. Besides copious amounts of baking. Rob’s Halloween party is Saturday, which means that if we’re going to go in costume they have to be done by Saturday and that probably means stopping on the way home from work to pick up the mats. We also should get pumpkins before Halloween so I’ll probably add those to the list too.

OH! Wait, we’re going cider milling Sunday. They’ll have pumpkins there so scratch that off my after work shopping list. WHOOO! We’ll probably get them for cheaper too. I love cider mills.

I really ought to take the time and winter mulch my poor plants before they become plantcicles. I wonder if I’ll ever really get the last of my 2007 garden projects done. Hmmmm. Well I guess as long as the ground isn’t frozen I can rip it up right? Right!

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