My Plants Aren’t Mulched

But I got a zombie pumpkin!

Hee! They are grey!!! We went to Wasem’s Sunday for an end of the season cider and donut run and since we hadn’t picked up our pumpkins yet, we planned to get those too. However, when we saw these Jarrahdale Pumpkins sitting around, TheMan and I immediately thought “ZOMBIE PUMPKINS!!!” so we picked them up. I think they hail from New Zealand but whatever…how can you go wrong with a mottled gray pumpkin looking thing for Halloween? TheMan has also convinced me that we need to save the seeds to plant our own zombie pumpkins in next year’s garden.

I also got a regular pumpkin because…ummm…OK, I’m a lemming. I didn’t want our only pumpkins to be these weird gray things so I picked out a cute ubiquitous orange fella. We had to give all three pumpkins a bit of a washing since they were real honest to god fresh from the patch pumpkins and still had clumps o’ dirt on them. SQUEEE. Cider mills rule. Anyway, for whatever reason, the two gray guys wound up on the kitchen island while the orange pumpkin hunkered down in front of the microwave. Then we had LunarGeography and Badmovie over for pork loin and movies and sometime in the midst of all that, this pumpkin acquired a hot pad beret.

Apparently, he/she/it is French.

We plan to carve them on Tuesday this year which will be an odd change. Usually we’re flying home from work on the 31st in order to gut our pumpkins before the little critters descend upon our abode. What will we do with all that time Wednesday if we aren’t carving pumpkins? Then again if LunarGeography, who is joining us in our pumpkin massacre, has a bad case of head plody we’ll probably revert back to the Q tradition of last minute butchering.

Saturday, since I’m apparently going backwards through this weekend recap, was Rob’s Halloween parTAY. We got dressed up in our Schrödinger’s couple outfit which I drew up about a half hour before we had to leave. Check us out! TheMan flipped a coin and got the dead cat, just in case you were wondering how we decided who wore what shirt. Personally, I really like how my dead kitty came out, even if we had to explain more than once what we were all about. Are there really that many people out there that have never heard of Schrödinger’s cat? Blimy! I was pleasantly tickled pink when one of the guests read the T-shirts and bust out laughing. Score!

A joke is no fun if you have to explain it over and over again.

The party was, as usual, pretty low keyed and quite a lot of fun. Also, as usual, there was about half again if not double the food needed to amply stuff and rupture the stomachs of everyone there. I think there might have been 20 people and the spread included pear-blue cheese salad, spiked fruit salad, whitefish spread, venison sausage, cheese, an olive tray, another olive tray, pretzels, cashews, rack of lamb with sausage stuffing, roast beast, two pumpkin cheesecakes, a rhubarb pie, two kinds of no-bake cookies, assorted Halloween candies and one other dessert which I can’t seem to remember. I think I’m suffering from food overload.

Friday I wound up stopping off at Meijers for shirts and a couple other things (hair dye! I’ve gone black for the Holidays) and felt all grown up and whatnot for being all responsible like. Then I had an aneurism driving home since they saw fit to close off the main route for some idiotic stupid little kiddie candy costume nonsense. I’m not talking about blocking off some rinky dink town street oh no. This street used to be the I-94 of its time before they put 94 in (and it still parallels the expressway for quite a long while…maybe all the way into Chicago) and they just up and blocked it off for stupid fun RUSH HOUR candy time.

I’m not begrudging the kiddies a safe trick-or-treating but do they have to have it right in the middle of a major thoroughfare? Which wasn’t marked as being closed off until you got to the barriers? And really extremely poorly rerouted with no police help (or really signs) to direct the flow of traffic? Sucks to be traffic! Hope you find your way home…mostly. ARRRGH!

I did get to do a lot of reading when I finally (!) got home and that was pretty keen. Some days you gotta just curl up with a book. Mmmm.

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