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All Saint’s Peppers

Hi! Welcome to November! I’m still toying with participating in the whole NaNoBlogMo idea but I don’t know. I mean…an entry a day for 30 days back to back with my traditional (at least three year traditional) blogging every day of December? That’s a lot of blogging. I think the last time I did more than a week straight of blogging was December ’06 and it was ha-arrrrd.

[insert tiny foot stomp f/x here]

Buuuuuut I didn’t want to lame out on the very first day so I’m going to suck it up and post until I decide I’m not going to be doing NaNoBlogMo or January rolls around. And for this I am terribly sorry because my life isn’t so interesting that it can carry 61 days of booerific goodness. Well 61 minus 18 JSFRs so…ummm…(mathmathmath) 43 days of brilliant originality. Is that right? 43? Hold on…(moremathmathmath) Yeah. I’m better at adding than subtracting it seems. Anyway. 43 days of stuff. Wow (the expression).

18 days of JSFR. Wow (again, expression). I can’t even do a reliable once a week JSFR lately, 18 of them is going to get tricky. I really need to sit down with my snacks and post last weekend’s stuff plus two for this weekend. I wonder if I can get all 18 preposted? Hmmmm.

To this whole 43 post end, I’ve come up with an idea: A picture a day! Each day I’ll snap a pic (at least for as long as that amuses me) and post it. Then maybe I’ll have at least a little something something to work with. Today’s picture is the All Saint’s Day Pepper harvest. It was originally supposed to be the Halloween Pepper harvest but I forgot about them until it was late and dark. So this morning I took the official pepper shears (re: kitchen scissors) out to the garden and harvested me some pepperage. And because I go to work earlier than the sun does, I had to take a flashlight out with me to see where I was going and to also see the peppers. Don’t ask, apparently morning dark is totally different from evening dark or something but the point is that the flashlight and I got us a good pepper haul.

The other point, which isn’t exactly a point but more of an observation, is that the pepper plants appear to be thriving in the recent cold. Poor LunarGeography’s impatiens are all but done for with the few hard frosts we’ve gotten and I figured the pepper plants would likewise be illing. Nope. In fact, I left about 5 green chilis on the…ahhh…vine (sorta) to see if they mature of not. I wonder if the frosts will make peppers sweet like it does grapes?

Speaking of LunarGeography, we had an amusing incident on pumpkin carving night. Sunday we had agreed to carve pumpkins on Tuesday with an exchange that went very close to this:

LG: When are you guys carving pumpkins?
Us GUYS: Before the Trick-or-Treaters come. Traditionally right before they come. Why?
LG: Can I sit in with yous for some pumpkin carving action*
US GUYS: Sure! What day works for you?
LG: Tuesday.
US GUYS: Excellent!

We decided on a time for the pumpkin slaughter (8pm) and then when Tuesday rolled around we sat back for a little dinner eating action** and some CSI watching action** while we waited for LG. We ate, we watched, we (re: I) boogered around on teh intertubes and then I noticed that it was quarter past 8 already. Huh. Well LG has been known to be a little late now and then so we shrugged it off. Once or twice we heard a car and poked our heads out to see if it was LG but alas. 9 o’clock rolled around and we figured she had gotten a migraine in the intervening hours and was holed up in a nice dark, quiet, comfy room with a wet cloth for her eyeballs.

Long about 9:15 the phone rang and lo! It was LG. We figured she was calling to say “…head…splody” very quietly and that our pumpkin carving party was off. She actually said “So…when we agreed on 8, was that 8 this time zone?” We replied yes because we had indeed expected her around 8pm our time zone. She, on the other hand had been sitting at home wondering when we might show up over there as she was stranded on account of her husband being off to work in the only running vehicle they now own. Oh yeah…the great totaling of LG’s car by stupid people. We’d sorta forgotten about that. Thus we scootled off to casa del LG and had us a wonderful pumpkin massacre.

*I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard LG use the expression “Pumpkin carving action” but it fit the flow.

**I, on the other hand, will use “action” with abandon because I like the way it sounds.

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