By Rocket to the Moon

November two picture of the day! I’ve challenged TheMan to make a Lego something out of all of the pieces we got in the $12.95 bucket o’ bricks. This is just a little over half of them used in the Crawler Mark 3. The first crawler (Mark 1) was a sleek svelt model that used up about a quarter of the pieces. Then there was the more utility style crawler which used up a little more of the bucket o’ bricks. Now he’s got an off road model.

I want to start off today with one of those retractments or whatever that they are always posting in the front covers of magazines. You know the ones that say “In such-and-such an issue we said this and it was really that”? Yeah, that except mine says “The Saint Pepper Harvest Photo from the First of November booniverse entry was taken by TheMan”. He was a little put out that I didn’t mention that, but to be fair I was the one who conceptualized the idea of a pepper pic. So anyway, Peppers? Totally TheMan’s picture.

Number two thing I forgot to mention yesterday, but isn’t one of those “Ahhh…oops” post thingits, is that for the entire month of NaNoBlogMo, save the JSFR dates, I’m going to be using TMBG lyrics for titles. Or at least try to. We’re going to be seeing them on the 14th of this month so I figured why not? TMBG lyrics are a whole lot easier to come by than Christmas carols (which I did back in…ahhh…05? I’m too lazy to look) and are a lot stranger. And can be sung the whole year round without getting odd looks. Mostly.

MomQ came down today and we all did the dinner thing. Mmmm, Aubree’s. I recommend the feta breadsticks and the little potato poppers are pretty tasty too. Oh and I got more of the World’s softest socks because my mother-in-law likes to keep her daughter-in-law in warm feets.

TheMan and I were talking dogs again (because I keep bringing it up) and we have decided that we agree on what kind of dogs we wouldn’t get. No big drooly dogs. No tiny chum dogs. Basically, TheMan is not a dog person but would conside a whippit as long as he can name it Devo. I’m fine with that but I told him that if we come across a truly bizarre mix then I reserve the right to campaign for the bizarro mix. I mean, how could you not get a Pittzu or a Sharpschund or a Dalhuahua?

*chucklesnort* Delhuahua. If I ever find me a Delhuahua I’m coming home with a dog.

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4 Responses to “By Rocket to the Moon”

  1. Sean K. Says:

    I was wondering what was up when I saw the second TMBG quote in this post’s title. The relationship of the lyrics to the first post is a bit unclear, though: are you equating pumpkin carnage with ‘killing Jason off’, or just making the connection between pumpkin candles and night lights?

  2. Boo Says:

    uh… None of the above! I’m randomly choosing lyrics as they ping the “Shiny!meter.”

  3. Tobes Says:

    knock knock

  4. Boo Says:

    HI TOBES! *wave*

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