Prepare For Orbital Insertion

Heh, I was going to go with “Second Stage Separation” but how can you pass up “Orbital Insertion”? I mean…really!

Today’s venue is Money and Music!

Yesterday’s entry was written yesterday but the pics took a while to mosey off the new deedelt and onto the site. Many thanks to TheMan for being wonderfully awesome and all computer savvy and all that. He is my pics guy. He actually took all the non blurry pics except for the feets and the cool art one. I have no idea why my pics came out suck ass part of the time and OK the rest. I do want y’all to note the composition of all of my shots…at least they are well framed blurry pics. Because I care folks, I care! So if you haven’t yet, go take a look see at the sights of Art Fair.

Shpiiiidar! $28, 000 and he is yours! That’s the biggest ticket item I have found so far.

Yesterday’s best buy was the original watercolor of the Fire Dragon, framed and ready to hang for $195. Nice. We did pass by a booth of amusing photographs until I looked at the price for an unframed print. $200ish. A non original print with no frame, and the artist thinks so much of her work that she feels $200ish is an appropriate tag. I can tell you where you can put that art bargain missy, your stuff isn’t THAT great. Does she realize that the booth down the road is selling hand made wood rocking chairs for $200? Hmmm…over priced photo or functional and nicely made rocking chair. Yeah, I’m going to get me a chair sooner than one of your little plastic peoples placed on stuff photos. Ansel Adams you are not, Ms. Artist!

Prices are strange here. I’m not advocating the artist sell themselves short or anything because they have to make a living but you know asking $200 for an unframed reprint of a staged photograph is ballsy and insulting. It’s not like Ms. artist can’t up and make another print from the negative or even get another sheet of music and place Small Dancing Man and Small Dancing Woman on them again and snap the same pic (I actually liked that one a lot…until I saw that it would cost me $400 of like to own it) so I’m not sure why $400 is what she feels her work is worth (framed) because, it’s not. She needs me to introduce her to Mr. Wong on State street who does original water colors and sells them for $30. Yeah, he could paint eight or ten of the same scene but as long as they are all originals each one is going to be different. The man has no prints in his booth, they are ALL originals and he is selling them framed for a quarter of what Ms. artist is selling her unframed prints for. See what I mean here? I don’t get it.

Oh, and the food. TheMan and I stopped at American Spoon Company to get a helping of their gelatino or whatever it is and they are charging $3 for a single cup of their Italian process ice cream goodness. One cup! $3! Hey, you know if you walk around the corner there are two ice cream shops that also sell $3 servings except they give you enough ice cream to keep a seven year old in ice cream headaches for the month of July. I’m not sure why the new place feels that they have some sort of run on the ice cream business that they feel $3 is a reasonable or even competitive price. TheMan and I tried out their outrageously priced Italian processed creamery (incidentally considering one of the other ice cream places is a family owned business called Stucchi’s, I’m not sure they have the market on Italian processed creamery goodness) and it was good, but not $3/cup portion good. Maybe it’s just an Art Fair promotional deal. Maybe it’s not and they will drive themselves out of business. Awww.

Maybe it’s just the $3 thing because the NY pretzels were also $3. Yeah, no pretzel on this earth is worth $3 unless it’s, say, as big as my head. Bottled water is going for $2 a bottle (because they add gold leaf? Sheesh!) save the one family that always stocks up, parks at the Union and undercuts the water places by half. I love those people! I like to buy from them just because. Heck, at $1 they are still making a profit and they have the cahones to set up camp six paces from the food court drink stands. Go them!

Today I started my trip into Art Fair with a little more Art Fair food before heading out on a buying mission. Wednesday was soup in a bowl (eh, but palatable), Thursday was the $6 gyro (Mmmm, lamb. Tasty tasty but messy lamb) and today was seafood quesidillas. $8 of pure putrescence. I could have soaked bad fish and a tortilla in a bottle of cooking oil and had a better (and cheaper) lunch. The rice was good, though not $8 good, but it was also a bright worrisome yellow. Eyuck! I went out looking for some dessert to clear my palate from the rank seafood quesidilla experience and found…


One of the things I forgot to go into about the Art Fair experience was the Entertainment. It could be that I haven’t seen the scads of musicians and entertainers that there used to be or maybe they were all where I wasn’t but I did sit in on a couple of acts. The Art Fair usually has several concert stages set up (which I haven’t seen this year, come to think on it) and music playing almost constantly everywhere you go. There is Mr. Boogie Woogie who plays his grand piano on S.U. except this year all or most of the S.U. stuff got moved up to N.U. (probably so there would be something at the Tower when everyone met there). I did not see him at either location but he is a standard crowd drawer. He plays boogie woogie. Heh.

There used to be all manner of individual performers from unicyclists to tight rope walkers to magicians but they seem to have petered out over the years. I had a friend who dressed up as a clown every year and went around making balloon animals and giving them away to people just to practice but he moved away so he too is gone. The music, though, stuck around mostly. On Wednesday I sat and listened to a group that sounded very much like the Indigo Girls in style and content. They were nice to listen to while they sang but they took an inordinate amount of time between songs to rambled on about whatever thing they had a stance on or whatever. I did not stick around to listen.

Today, though, I found a neat quintet of musicians and stopped to listen to a few of their songs. They took a bit of time tuning their instruments between but told the crowd “We tune, folks, because we care.” Hee! And thanks. The lead was this chick with a really good voice and she and the guy who sang back up in close harmony meshed exceedingly well. I even abandoned my quest for dessert in order to listen to them, then I went and took some money out so I could buy one of their CDs. Damn, but they were good! And say, I not only supported them by buying their disc but now I can listen to them at home with all their close harmony goodness and toe tapping bass line-iness and head bopping banjo picking.

Yeah, banjo picking! You got a problem with that? Banjo is some good stuff and “Hot-Toe-Mitty” does it up right I tell you. Heck, I doubled my bluegrass music selection with their disc (which I will place right next to my prized Dueling Banjos soundtrack I will). Shutup! Banjo is cool damnit!

Alright, I am a hillbilly music loving freak. But I am a happy hillbilly music loving freak with some new bluegrass tunes to listen too so there. Hee hee!

Stay tuned for the Art Fair finale! Yes, it’s true. I am coming into town tomorrow just because I love you folks that much and feel the burden of responsibility to see this thing through to the bitter end. I bleed for you people! Just ignore the fact that I also have to come in to town to get the info for the annual “Thank God Art Fair is Over” party. That is not the point here!

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