North of North!

One ring to find them all and in the darkness bind them!

Well, it’s the end of the Traveling Christmas Show and it was a pretty good gig all the way around. I got flannel sheets from TheMan (hee, WARM and fuzzy) and The Lord of the Rings seventeen million disc DVD set. It comes with the making of the Lord of the rings and the making of the making of and commentaries by everyone and Gollum.

Speaking of which, I want the Gollum fish song from The Two Towers. TheMan and I got both the Fellowship and The Two Towers soundtracks and I was so disappointed to learn that the “Gollum” song on there wasn’t the fish song. Hrrrmph. We might go see The Two Towers (after watching the Fellowship on one of the bazillion discs) so I will get to hear the fish song again. I like Gollum, always have, and I think that the movie puts and interesting twist on the character. It makes more sense why Frodo has a soft spot for him and it emphasizes the insidiousness of the ring. I wont give too much away but there is a great scene where Gollum is arguing with himself that is done just perfect (my precious).

Well, it looks like we are about to do holiday cookies (better late than never) so I am going to have to get the power book off the table. Laters.

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