The Eagle has Landed

“You! Artists, Off my planet!”

Well, it’s 10pm and the hordes and scads will have been long gone by now. Remember when I said I loved you all? I lied. No, well, not exactly. Sorta. I intended to go into town and go to the dojo and get my party info (sniff) and report on the last sad straggling day of Art Fair but TheMan woke up early and decided he was awake for the day and tootled out of the room. I was still in that “Get the hell away from me before I eat your eyeballs” state of awake which is to say, don’t bother me for at least another hour. About a half hour later, TheMan poked his head back in and informed me that he was going to set up camp upstairs, close to the bathroom.

My poor babe had him a case of stomach crankies. I eventually woke up an hour later, went up to say hello (he wasn’t better but Neverwinter Nights is installed on the PC right outside the bathroom so he was playing between stomach cranks). I still was not ready to wake up but I was ready for a change of venue so I got my pillow and set up camp to snooze an hour on the couch. It would give me plenty of time to have a bit of a lie down and get up, take a shower, get dropped off and get to class early. Four hours later (and well past karate and already into KFu) I woke up. With stomach crankies. Damn.

So I did not get to the last day of the Fair but I have been there before and can tell you that a lot of the pottery places are really low on stock the last day if they haven’t already packed up and left. I don’t get this town and their love for pottery stuff. Then at 6 the artists close up shop for the year and all the vehicles magically appear from wherever they have been for four days, the booths go down and eventually the roads are reopened and it’s like the were never really here. Save the large dead spots of grass at the Union where the food-a-palooza had been set up. That stays until the U either reseeds or resods. Then there is no trace until Monday of the third week of July the next year.

I learned some things from this year’s fair that I thought I’d share. The first one is Get a hat. Last year we tooled around looking for a hat and I never did find one I liked. I burned my scalp pretty good wandering around (ever tried to sun block your scalp? I can’t do it for whatever reason). I figured I’d have a full year to find an appropriate hat so I put it off. Guess what? I burned my scalp again this year, but not as badly due to the nice weather and all. Still, this time I WILL get a hat before Art Fair 04.

I will worship sun block like it was the messiah. SPF 4000 will become my new bestest friend. I will scorn the tanned sun gods and goddess when they poke fun at my lily white hide for I have seen the evils. I know what happens when you don’t take sun block in as your skin’s savior. You end up like the two ladies we saw at American Spoon. They were about 50 or 60 years old and leathery. L.E.A.T.H.E.R.Y. *shiver* What looks good on a 20 year old fine toned body is positively hideous when it walks in after decades of sun abuse. No no no!

And half water half gatoraid. It’s a beautiful thing.

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