Never Had a Pocket Watch

Urrrg. I’m suffering from a size seven head in a size five brain case. Colds suck.

On the plus side, it’s not so bad (yet) that I’m a sobbing lump of misery. Just a tired lump of stuffy head annoyance at the moment. But! I got up and did 25 minutes of lollygagging Norditracking Saturday so go me! I did not, however, do any exercising on Friday on account of the impending cold and I decided to give my newly worked out legs a day off. I also did no working out on Sunday but that was because I tried to expel a lung in the wee hours of the day and was spicily medicated the rest of it. Hooray for Robitussin!

I hate colds.

Tonight I’m going to do something exercise like but nothing too strenuous incase my body decides to try and eject a lung again. Maybe weights or a leisurely stroll on the skis. Then maybe I’ll pass out because I’m already really tired around the edges and it’s not even dinner time.

I’m also getting a heavy whiff of Bacon-fat ginger cookie from the little Ziploc baggie of cookie on my desk. Aren’t those things supposed to seal up tight? Why should I be smelling it then? Is it a phantom smell? Have I developed super Bacon-fat ginger cookie smelling powers? That’s a tad disturbing, frankly.

I have no recollection of what we did Friday night but I know it did not include any Smithee prep on my part and I don’t think we played any Warcraft. I might have gone to bed early-ish while TheMan vetted the Smithee disc. Perhaps we watched some TV. Do I really care? Not unless they get all Law&Order on me several years down the road. In which case, I’m screwed.

Saturday I got up and did all the Smithee prep I was supposed to have done previously and then logged on for the Saturday Warcraft thing. Except our DSL is hosed and as soon as I hopped on we got an incredible (and unfixable) spike in latency so WoW (the game) was out. Eh, at least it gave me more time to do Smithee stuff, like go through the entire box of baggies from the MegaMeta Origins show and clear out all the pens, leftover paper, business slips and the badge backings. Plus I got a nap in there as well.

What? I was sick and was going to be up late so I figured a nap was very much in order.

The Mini-Smithees went really well I think. There was a little hitch in the beginning when we found out that the room was occupied up until our start time, but the people in the room were more than accommodating and offered to consolidate so we could at least start setting up. So we did and they did and we got up and rolling sometime close to our official start time I do believe. There were about 20-25 audience members at any given time and they were generally well behaved. Bonus, especially for a longer than usual show. Some people stayed to the bitter end too. Hard core.

Because the audience is a fickle thing and never votes how you think they are going to vote, there were a few results that surprised us. The Victim’s ‘Let’s up the rating to ‘R'” clip, which contains no female nudity nor any frontal male nudity below the waist but does contain more asses than a Grand Canyon adventure tour, took the lead in a category stocked with some pretty egregious boobie shots and one full frontal male scene. I’ve got to think the double dong flick (as filmed from behind the flickees so as to remain tasteful) and the towel snap scene must have been the winning factor because unless you like butts, you weren’t getting much else with this. I was also sad to see the ‘Acting Appropriately Stupid’ clip of Taunting Hercules only get two votes…badmovie’s and mine. I thought for sure that one was golden. Ah well. Maybe the people voting for 20 butt naked men in a bath house against a towel clad Samo Hung were confused and thought they were voting for Hercules? In an entirely different category?

Sunday I tried to cough out my spleen somewhere around 5am and then slept until noon because I was still sick. Getting in at 3am doesn’t help a cold. Neither do bacon bars or bacon-fat ginger cookies. I eventually got up, made cornbread, medicated myself to the gills and went out to a chili dinner. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good for most of the afternoon (score Robitussin!) although I lost pretty badly when we played some think-y games. The old plork is sick and not up to think-y.

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