I’ll Take Back My Pinata, It’s Wasted On You

Burble, burble tiobl and trubbl,
my brainb is so full of snotb.

Just a quick thing today, maybe some filler pics because I feel like I’m walking through Jell-o. It’s not as fun as walking through sunshine and it don’t really feel good. At all.

Hey! Despite the lingering cold, I up and worked out yesterday so huzzah! I decided on a medium workout which was longer and wussier than balls out skiing but shorter and more energetic than the cazh mosey. I’m feeling pretty good about it mentally and my lungs never once thought about attaining escape velocity. Buuuut I procrastinated until close to midnight before I dragged my tired hiney downstairs to have a tête-à-tête with the Norditrack and I think that might have set me back a bit.


I hope to rectify my dumbassery tonight by getting downstairs much, much earlier so I can get to bed earlier and have also done the work out thing. Is 8:00 too early to go to bed? I don’t think I can work out and play Warcraft AND get to bed that early. I also should really finish up and post Sunday’s JSFR. Hmmm…maybe that is pushing it, especially if I throw in dinner and a nap. What? You gotta plan for naps, you know.

I am so looking forward to having Thursday and Friday off. My number one plan for both days is sleep in. Then we might do some wine, definitely some Warcraft, most likely some laundry and I have to go shopping. And nap.


I wish I had a fireplace because I’m really thinking a nice mug of hot cocoa and a good crackling fire would be really keen about now.

OH! TheMan took the AC out of the window yesterday so now the room is warmer and quieter. It was a little freaky sleeping last night because of the change but I’m also glad to not have a steady stream of cold air burbling into the house on my side of the bed. Now I need to figure out what to do about the phenomenal amount of light the blinds let in when that big ball of bright pops into the sky. TheMan and I have differing curtain opinions but if that mass of incandescent gas so much as looks at me funny, I swear I’ll get the tin foil out and plaster it over both windows. Hate! Morning! Sun!

“You? Can just fuck off.”

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