Sick and Tired

And cranky and surly and bitchy and grumpy and burpy and…

Damn flu bug. I have some sort of intestinal crap going on. Heh, intestinal crap. I slay me. ANYWAY, TheMan was down for the count Saturday and most of Sunday and now I’m all gurgly guts and I hate it. Hate digestive discomfort of any kind. I can stave off pukng for a phenomenally long time because I hate it that much. Loathe it. I also always get some sort of back flow through my nose whenever I puke, which isn’t any sort of amusing so I guess I have a reason to hold out as long as I can. Fortunately, I think, this is all lower GI crankies so no puke. Yay on that at least.

Unfortunately I am in a right pissy mood. Even the kitties are all bunched up on the couch looking at each other and saying, “Hell no, I don’t wanna go in there. I don’t care if she is home and can give me scritchies, I’m hanging out here with you dude. At least you aren’t going to punt my furry butt off the bed and launch me into the dresser.” Poor Weirdoes. Sometimes I truly am a bad cat mom, but then again sometimes it just isn’t the right time to have cats climbing all over you. Eh.

So we did get some things done this weekend. We went and saw The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and I can’t say I was overly wowed by it. It’s a good movie but somehow I felt that it was spoon feeding me every little thing and leaving my imagination to atrophy. That got old pretty fast. I would have much rather had a bit of intrigue or suspense or thought or something. I was also bothered quite a bit by the action sequences which were all jittery and jumpy to the point that I lost track of what was going on. I swear they up and gave the people in the fights hand held cams and told them to just started shooting. I would rather see the fight choreography than try to figure it out from the jiggle bits shown so boo to the director for that decision. Boo! The last nitpick I had was the scale of the Nautilus. I kept thinking “Can you really fit a boat that size there? No, I mean really. In the South Docks of England? Where is my computer, I have to google 1900 south docks England because I gotta know how deep the harbor was.” There were a couple of shots like that and it really pulled me out of the movie. So I’d give it maybe 2.5 out of 5 rating units. Then again, I was probably coming down with the plague so maybe I did not give the movie a fair shake.

Saturday was dedicated to the plague. I think I was up maybe 5 hours the whole day. Sleeeep is your friend. I’m still sick though. Damnit! Sunday was sickness day two but we did manage to get out and have dinner at the Macaroni Grill. TheMan was feeling dandy and I was feeling quite restless and in the mood for served food so we jaunted out and got us some grill. I had the parmesan sole which was immeasurable amounts of tasty (capers! Mmm, capers) and TheMan had chicken Caesar calzonie. Also tasty says he. I think I got the better meal though but I was in a fishie mood. It was good the second day too. Uuuurp! We then got dessert and I was served a piece of chocolate cake the size of my head. WOW! I managed to eat half of it but that was all. I tell you, they are too generous with their dessert servings, mine could have easily fed two people. OK, OK, OK, it was a 6 x 6 x 2 slab of chocolaty chocolate cake WITH chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 6 x 6! Yikes! In retrospect I should have gone for the dessert sampler but I didn’t think that the slab o’ cake doom on the dessert try would be entirely representative of the actual slab of doom cake. Plus, I could have tasted the tiramisu. Mmmm. It was good but when we got home, yikes! Return of the killer flu bug.

On the plus side, the bug subsided long enough that ThaMan and I got the CD shelves installed and the CDs on them. Awww, we have officially incorporated our CDs. I think between the two of us we have about 800 CDs but miraculously only about 20 doubles. Keen no? TheMan has a lot of crazy stuff on disc. My collection, however, is perfectly sane, Even all 14 Rush discs. Heh. OK, I’m going back to bed. BAH this bug!

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