It Was Sweet Like Lead Paint is Sweet

Tip of the day: Buy stock in Kleenex; I’ll make you a rich person by the time this cold is done.

We saw They Might Be Giants at the Michigan Theater last night and…it kinda really sucked. It wasn’t all my head cold either, although that did play a part in the general suckatry. However, my head cold was not responsible for having all the sound levels so hot that you couldn’t hear anything over the cacophony of white noise that came from the stage. That was just plain stupid sound engineering and totally unnecessary because I’ve been to concerts at the Michigan where I could actually hear the singing. Last night? I could make out maybe 1 in 20 words. I also couldn’t hear any of the noodly instrumentation really well so it was rather a giant waste of money and time as far as music goes.

We did hear, sorta, the opening band Oppenheimer and from what I could tell they were kinda cool. I couldn’t hear any of the words but when I plugged my ears I could hear the melodies enough to want to pick up their disc. Which we did and they are pretty awesome once you can hear what’s going on. Stupid Michigan Theater sound dudes. “My Son the Astronaut” has been lodged in my head since the concert but that’s OK. It’s a rockin tune.

Since I couldn’t really hear the music or the words I spent a lot of time looking at the lights and stuff. It was actually pretty entertaining but not for $25. Mind you, TMBG was awesome to watch and the light show kept me amused so no harshing on the band because the theater fucked up. Bah.

I took today off because I figured we’d be out late at the concert and I’ve got the vacation to burn so why not. My plan was to crack an eye open about 7am, laugh at my poor coworkers who had to go into work and then roll over and sleep in. Instead, I cracked my eye open at 7am, hoarked out a lung, got up to down some NyQuil and passed out until noon. Man this cold is getting annoying.

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  1. TheMan Says:

    Oh, and for you TMBG fans out there, the “Phone Call from Beyond the Grave” was Jerry Orbach (Lenny Briscoe from Law & Order). And according to “Why Does The Sun Shine?”, Steel, Wool and Steel Wool are all gasses on the sun. And the heat and light of the sun come from the nuclear reactions of the Cavern (?), the State Theatre and the Michigan Theatre.

    It was hard to tell for sure with the speaker distortion.

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