I Found a New Friend Underneath My Pillow

Isaak thinks maybe we shouldn’t have so much vacation because it’s eating into his “loafing about the house while the cat parents are gone” time.

This vacation is going exactly like I had planned…except for the whole head cold thing. I woke up with a ferocious case of post nasal drip and general head stuffiness so the whole “wake up early, chuckle at the poor suckers who have to go in today then roll over and go back to sleep” plan went more like “Wake up, take drugs, crash until noon”. You can’t really enjoy a good sleep in when you’re basically dead to the world and I’m lodging a complaint to the vacation gods about this. I was robbed of some excellent coworker taunting (if only in my head) by my stoopid head cold.

Speaking of stoopid, this head cold has drained the smarts right outta my noggin. It feels like I have three speed thoughts in a five geared world which would be amusing if it wasn’t me who was always about two minutes behind everyone. Ha ha ha, man, someone’s really slow on the uptake…oh wait. That would be me. I went shopping today and was perplexed by the pricing of two different items. One was a 10 for 10 deal (and didn’t have the price per unit when 10 for 10ed) and the other was whatever it was but with the price per unit tag. So I sat there thinking “Wow. Which is the better buy? I mean one’s got the unit deelie and the other one would be more expensive if it wasn’t 10 for 10 but it is. So…wow. Which is the better buy?” I think I sat there for a good long time marveling at the fact that I couldn’t tell which had the better deal so I solved my dilemma by not getting either one of them. Ha! So there that’ll show…ummm…wait a minute. How’s that make any sense again?

I’m sure glad it wasn’t toilet paper or something of that ilk that we needed.

On the other hand, apparently you don’t need a lot of brains to play Warcraft, which we did an awful lot of. My goal for this vacation was to get a level on every single one of my toons and so far, mission mostly accomplished. I can’t get any higher on my 70 toon but we have knocked off a lot of levels on the others. I think there are two of the remaining 7 that I haven’t gotten to yet but TheMan and I managed to get multiple levels on a couple of the others so it all evens out. I’m going to have to do some boogering around on my 70 toon this weekend since they’ve added some tasty new recipes to play with.

In Smithee news, because there is some Smithee news, we got an e-mail from the ConBust peeps containing general information about panels and whatnot that they will be holding this year. Last year we just sort of went perplexedly about the con without signing up for any panel discussions since it was our first time there. Also, we didn’t really see where we might be able to sit in on a panel since the Smithees are sort of an odd duck and don’t really fit in a Fantasy and SciFi convention. They don’t really fit in a gaming convention either but we’ve been doing Columbus for…ahhh…twelve years? Ish? Anyway something like that so I guess we kinda make ourselves fit in these places, but it felt weird to represent The Smithees in a discussion about…women in fantasy. Or Science and technology. Or Anime fandom because these things the Smithees are not.

This year we have a better idea about what’s going on so we thought we might put our heads together and offer up some Smithee appropriate subjects for panels. We also need to get together and come up with a bio and pic for the ConBust Guest Page but this is not a Friday thing. Possibly a Sunday thing but I’m on vacation today.

Hello! I see you!

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