Through The Iron Bars, I See The Black Maria

I designated today as “Bring your camera in to work” day because I saw this tree yesterday and thought “Oh! If only I had my camera cuz that is the BOMB of fall coloration!” I’m ignoring the fact that it also has lights because I do NOT do Christmas before Thanksgiving. Until Friday they will simply have to be pretty tree shinys!

These are some sconses just outside the Reading Room which I thought would make a nice pic. But it was kinda morning murky out so…

I took another one with the flash. Hey! I’ve discovered day for night digital photography! Literally, these are maybe 10 seconds apart but they look worlds different.

Yesterday as I was leaving the house, I looked over towards the neighbors and saw that their red maple had blorted leaves all over in a pretty red circle. I thought “Oooo! I should get a picture of that” but I was already out the door on the way to work. I’d have to stash my stuff, unlock the door, get the camera, blah, blah pain in my lazy morning arse cakes. I almost convinced myself to wait until I got home (which would have been stupid because it’s getting dark at about 3pm nowadays) but I didn’t know if driving the bug over the circly leaf bit on the driveway would disturb the pretty or not. Besides…pretty! Pretty now! So I dropped my stuff, unlocked the door, found the camera, trudged outside and snapped some pics, trudged back inside, dropped the camera off, came back out and locked up. Again.

It was all worth it though, because when I got home I discovered that the neighbors are more timely with their outdoor projects than we are and had raked their yard that afternoon.

Yesterday I did no laundry at all and I’m darned proud of it. I took a look at the several piles of clothes lying about giving me the hairy eyeball and I said “You piles? I don’t want to deal with you today. So I’m not going to” and I did not. Huzzah! And take that you laundry you. YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME! Tonight, though, I will do a load or two because the piles were still giving me the hairy eyeball this morning and I can not abide by early morning laundry harassment. Besides, I have another bleach load to do and secretly deep down I kinda like bleach loads. It is only by my mastery of mixing bleach in the wash water that these loads are not eaten away to their component parts by pure, fabric mauling sodium hypochlorite. All laundry everywhere knows this so whenever mine starts giving me tude, I pick a basket to serve as an example and bleach it. Muahahahahahah!

Also, I like to think that I get my whites extra, shiny, happy clean every now and then by chucking them in a bleach run. I’m not up to bleaching colors though because that’s advanced laundry-fu and quite tricky.

TheMan made the most amazing Mu-shu chicken last night and when he says that the carrots were a little crunchy, totally don’t believe his amazing cooking ass. Yes, the carrots were crunchy but that made the dish. Mmmmmm. And there are leftovers so I’ll be in Mu-shu the rest of this week. I might even have some for breakfast tomorrow since it’s a short week. My man is a damn fine cook.

Which brings me to cooking. It’s that time of year when Meijers sells their turkeys for a ridiculously low price and lo! All they want is for you to have spent $10 on anything not turkey and you get $10 off any 13-16 pound bird. Dudes, I’ve been looking forward to this day because baby needs some carcasses to boil. Then, THEN I looked at the Kroget’s weeklies and they are selling 18 pound plus birds for 49 cents a pound if you buy $10 worth of not turkey items. I have enough shopping items that I can go to each store twice and get four (4!) birds between now and Thanksgiving and I won’t have to go out shopping on the day itself. I’m feeling a souping coming on!

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