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I went shopping at two different stores yesterday to get me some turkey deals because CARCASSES! (And turkey but right now, I’m all about the souping.) In case you were wondering, the Kroger 49 cents a pound turkey is a better deal than the $10 off a turkey Meijer’s deal when you get into the upper poundage of turkey. I think it might have been a better deal all around but I forgot to see what the price per pound was for the Meijer’s turkeys and now I’m too lazy to do the math. What? I’m on vacation. Anyway since Meijer’s was only giving a set amount off per bird, it was the bomb at the very low end but the 49 cents per pound quickly became the deal of the day when you got to birds in the middle and upper range of 12-16 pounds. Thus, today I went back to Meijer’s to pick up another turkey after work.

Hey, Kroger’s doesn’t have booz and I like 12 pound turkeys. Plus, I read the ingredients list on the Kroger bird, which I would assume would be “Turkey” but no. Apparently, there is turkey and water (OK, that I can live with) and a little preservative something this and a bit of additive something that and a touch of flavoring something other thing. Meijer’s had bird in their bird and that’s it. I think it’s worth the few extra cents to not have sodium preservitate shot up my turkey’s skin. I’m just sayin.

I also got to hear an odd mix of tunes while out, about and around (on account of I couldn’t find the burned CD I had wanted to listen to. And that a lot of the radio stations around here suck): A good chunk of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony and then a weird zither sounding Spanish guitar rendition of Barber of Seville (and that was mighty odd if not amusing). Puttering between stores my all time favorite tune ever came on (Spirit of Radio FTW!) so I got to rock out in the parking lot for a bit and then I was serenaded on the way home by some funky Jamaican thing. Not all on the same station, but it is not out of the realm of possibility given the programming nature of WCBN.

Thanksgiving plans progress apace here at the booniverse. We’re all converging at my mom’s house with dish in hand, like we usually do, and we’ll probably eat about an hour later than we had planned on and we probably won’t care about that either. I love this developing Thanksgiving tradition we have going because nobody is left doing all the cooking and prep work. No one has to get dressed up in their finest duds either and everyone gets their equal share of sitting around and gabbing in. My mom usually has a pretty festive table set but again, she doesn’t go all out crazy like. I think it’s exactly how the holiday is supposed to be celebrated but I could be biased. The Qs are going to be down for Thanksgiving this year while my sister and her husband are in Hawaii. I’ll take lots of pics and post them up as a picto-blog…probably Friday. Don’t want to cut in on my celebrating.

Mmmm…bacon fat ginger cookies.

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