Dig Him Up and Shake His Hand

The Little Kitty is still sleeping off Thanksgiving dinner.

This morning started out a little odd as TheMan forgot to turn off the cuddle alarm in the other room. Thus, at 5 in the morning, I was blearily pulled out of a nice cozy warm post Thanksgiving day sleep by…someone having a conversation? No…wait…oh! It was some sort of news something on the clock radio in the other room. I sleepily (and helpfully!) informed Theman “thatsyouralarm” and snuggled back to sleep. The newscaster kept babbling and from TheMan’s side of the bed I head a couple whacking noises. He did not, however, get out of bed to turn off his alarm.

Being a little more awake, I poked TheMan and told him (perhaps more coherently) “Hey, go turn your alarm off”. In response there were some more insistent whacking thumping noises but no getting out of bed noises. The news guy yarbled irritatingly on so I sat up all “what the hell?” to find TheMan smacking the beegeebus out of the silent alarm clock next to his head. Hee. Other Room. Alarm. Clock. Oth-er. Room.

TheMan got up and shambled over to the other room and turned the clock off just as they were airing a story about an Antarctic cruise ship that hit an ice berg and started sinking. Ummm…hey. Wasn’t my uncle on an Antarctic cruise? About now? We turned the radio back on for more details but other than everyone being rescued, there wasn’t much else to glean. I called my mom and left her a voicemail to let her know that her brother might possibly have had his vacation cut a little short (and wet) but no one was reported lost so he was probably OK. If it was indeed his cruise ship.

How did you start your Friday?

We played a lot of lot of Warcraft and then Rob called needing guinea pigs for a new cheese fondue recipe. Ummm…OooOOooo! Pick me! Pick me! Pick-oh yeah. He already did. Heh. I think the new recipe uses hard cider and/or wine (it might have been white wine and cider or hard cider or something) instead of kirshwasser but whatever. It’s cheese fondue! It was also a tad ill proportioned since Rob made a double batch of watery goo but the fondue pot only held a single batch of cheese but we made do. For the record, I thought the cider fondue was tastier, even in its very liquid presentation, than the kirshwasser fondue. Whatever, it was tasty and I’m going to have to eat a whole lot more fiber this weekend. Mmmm…cheese.

Stop clicking at me!

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