It’s A Crumpled Up Wrapper From The Fast Food That We Got

I dredged up the Christmas Box. I haven’t done anything with it yet, but now that it’s been unearthed I can Christmas at a moment’s notice. Aaaaaany moment now, Christmas can SPRING out of the box and festivate itself everywhere.

I also put away the Halloween box more or less (although I discovered that I had forgotten to put away the picky pokey candle holder stake deelies which were trying to hide themselves under the bookshelf) so I’m pretty sure this weekend will be a massive cleaning and decorating weekend. Wait a minute…the Christmas tree isn’t in the boxes and I didn’t lug it downstairs so where has that gotten off to? Did I chuck that into the way back of the closet last year and subsequently burry it when I was shifting storage boxes around? I should look into this.

I thought about putting up decorations this weekend but I was lazy. Also, I rationalized that November ought to play out before I off and coat the house in December. What I did do a lot of is…Warcraft! I know you are surprised. In and amongst other things, we dinked around with the Horde lowbies until we were massively ganked trying to get into an instance. So we brought out our high level characters and spent the rest of the night returning the favor, which was fun but totally counterproductive to actually doing the instance. Sunday we had a powwow and decided to try making up new characters on a non PVP server.

So yeah, now we’re on a third server and we’re back to playing Alliance. We are a fickle lot indeed. My vote to “roll up” new Horde characters (I have a fondness for Orcs) was vetoed in favor of…errr…something. I think one of the other guys just has a thing for the Alliance female toons which, granted, are all “hotter” than…say…a cow or a rotting skeleton. I still like Orcs better. My new new toon is a Dranai Pally and I rolled up another incarnation of the Crazy Gnome. Well, if we’re going to be playing Alliance, I gotta have a gnommie.

The Qs stuck around until Sunday which afforded a lot of eating out and family socializing time as well as some movie time. We went to go see the 3D IMAX showing of Beowulf Saturday and while it was a pretty, pretty movie, I was a bit disappointed. Back in 2001 there was a Final Fantasy movie that was done entirely computer generated and I thought they did a really good job rendering the people. Of course you could tell that the people were computer generated but they did a really good job getting as close to real as the technology would let them at the time. Beowulf also did a good job getting as close to real as the technology will let them but I was expecting a lot more in the six intervening years than Beowulf gave me. Six years is an eon in Technology years but I wasn’t seeing it on the screen.

I think a lot of the problems revolved around realistic movement. The characters would be beebopping along all believable like and then there would be a movement or a look or something that screamed COMPUTER GENERATION! The horses and background Thanes were most noticeable for this. Most of the horses didn’t move like creatures who habitually haul around 1000+ pounds of themselves but rather they sort of either skittered around or fomped about like horse balloons. A horse is supposed to have some weight behind it so that when it moves you can see that yes indeed, this is a large animal moving about. These horses, not so much. As for the background Thanes, I think the problem was that not enough time was spent on making them as realistic as the main characters so they looked generically secondary. At least a bit part actor looks like a person even when they are just boogering around in the background.

Speaking of backgrounds, they were gorgeous. I think that’s where the technology has most noticeably improved. If it isn’t a human or an animal, it looks pretty awesome. Angelina Jolie looked pretty awesome too and I’m not sure why she renders better than any of the other actors but she did. Maybe it was because she was wearing gold and nothing else? Or maybe she just has a body that is eminently renderable? Who knows. I was most amused though when her character (Grendel’s Mother) came walking out of the water for the first time wearing gold and 4 inch stiletto heels. Hee! Grendel’s mom wears spiked heels! She also has a prehensile braid so she pretty much wrocked.

Sunday night was The Epic Battle of the Pants as played out by the cat. We had settled in for a bit of evening Warcraft when all hell broke loose in the bedroom. There wasn’t any yowling so I didn’t give it much mind, but after ten minutes of bashing around I hollered at Isaak to cut it out. Which he did for a few moments. I glanced over to see what in the Sammhill was going on and found my pants lying in the hallway, about four feet from where I had tossed them when I put on my sweats. I thought that was kind of odd until Isaak came charging out from the bedroom to pounce upon the pants. Pants and cat went a-sailing and then Isaak started to wrestle some ferocious pants monster only he could see for a minute or two. Mission accomplished (or maybe the Invisible Pants Monster got the better of him, hard to tell with Invisible Pants Monsters), the cat bolted arse a-fire to somewhere else. A couple minutes later he was back for round two. Wash rinse repeat. I don’t know who won, pants or cat, but I think that my pants might have gotten halfway to Toledo if I hadn’t stepped and hung them up.

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