A Thinking Part That Wonders What The Part That Isn’t Thinking Isn’t Thinking Of

Is that not the longest post title yet? It goes well beyond the ample title box WordPress gives me for titles so I’m sort of curious as to how the “there and back” linking at the top of each entry handles it and how much it’ll screw up the “latest entry” links on the side of the main page. I’ve noticed on occasion that the longer titles (usually a JSFR) will run together across the tops of the entry so it looks like one massive JSFR link with another JSFR in the middle of it. I like the title though because it makes total sense to me. Trust me, I’ve had lots of days where the exact same kind of thought flits through my head.

Also? I’m clearly a dork as illustrated by the daily pic above.

Also also? It’s really hard to come up with a daily pic in the wintertime unless I take oooodles of indoor pics or lug the camera to work. My inside stuff is fast becoming trite and boring and I get up and go to work earlier than the sun does and I get home later than it does so outside pics are few and far between. Wait…so the sun only works from about 8 in the morning until 4 in the evening? With frequent storm breaks wherein it only shines a half day? Does it get lunch breaks too? Cuz I kinda want that job now. I mean, how hard can it be to come up, provide a little light and warmth and then set?

So I think I’ve gone and done another one of those stupid stubborn things. If you remember fairly recently, TheMan and I were all about not turning the furnace on until November first because…yeah I don’t remember why exactly but that was Our Plan. Then the last week in October dipped down to about 4 degrees Kelvin and we debated the wisdom of our decision. But we were stubborn and had a lot of blankets so we stuck to our guns. I think we saved six whole cents on the heating bill but by golly, that’s six cents! Anyway, last week I decided that I ought to think about getting out my boots sometime soon as boot weather was fast approaching.

It wasn’t here yet though, so I picked an arbitrary Boots By Date for when I would officially switch over from wearing my Birks 24/7. December 1st seemed reasonable so I made it so. Then Monday we had a giant, slick snow storming and I about killed myself near slipping and cracking my head open on the pavement. Three times. Fortunately, I’m a really good at ice slide dancing and usually manage to keep my footing more or less. It’s not graceful and anyone in the near vicinity has an unusually high chance of catching an errant flailing arm or foot but I manage to keep upright more often then not.

This morning was a bit of the same old same old, since A2 has this irrational fear of cleaning off snow accumulation, so I’ve escaped slip and smack injuries four times in less than 16 hours. I’m debating the wisdom of my decision but it’s only three more days and it can’t rain/snow/slush for the rest of the week right? Right!

My hopeful delusion, shut up and stop trying to pop my happy bubble.

Speaking of rain snow and slick, driving home in it sucks. And the drivers around here suck because they are all driving like it’s the middle of summer and the sun is shining 400 bajillionty watts. Lumens. Lumen watts. Whatever, all y’all best stop riding my tail cuz if you can’t make a sudden stop on account of being an idiot I will get out of my crushed up car and eat your face. On the bright side, no bug squishage took place while driving home in the cold, dark, slick, wet. Buuuuut that didn’t stop a whole mess of Stupid from driving, driving, driving-OHMYGOD STOOOOOPPING (pleasepleaseplease) WHEW! Three whole inches of clearance! That’s the most yet.

I must have aged three decades looking in my rear view mirror and wondering if the current monkeynut behind me was going to come to a halt before landing in my trunk.

OK, I’ma outta here. You JSFR Junkies will be pleased that this weekend’s reviews are up (I’m not sure if I should end that sentence with “finally!” or “already”. Both make sense…sadly). For the rest of you…ummm…five boo points for making it through this entry.

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