Robots Obey What The Children Say

Yeah, I know. The day after I complained about not getting any outdoor pics I show up with an outdoor pic. I walked out of the house this morning (a wee bit late), saw the neat frost patterns on the bug and decided to go back in for the camera. So I guess it’s not too hard to take a pic in the morning after the sun comes up if I’m willing to be late to work.

I am getting on towards arcing Pop tarts because I can’t seem to figure out how to get to bed before midnight or 1am. Saturday, Sunday and Monday I blame solely on Warcraft but yesterday I didn’t even sign on. Oh I had plans to, after I finished hacking out the weekend’s JSFRs, so I plopped down on the couch and buckled down. I was done before 8 so I sat back to watch a little CSI before firing the computer up. The next thing I know the credits are rolling and it’s midnight. MIDNIGHT! Where the hell did the hours of 8, 9, 10 and 11 go? One minute the clock says 8 and the next minute it’s Wednesday. How does that happen? I’m stymied.

Tomorrow is the return to TheMan’s game so we’ll be out until 10 at least, which means getting home at 10:30ish which means not starting to get ready for bed until 11 which means we’ll actually get to sleep about midnight. Again. I’m not built for prolonged five to six hour sleeping nights. Wah! *sniff*

I think I’ll go stomp around like a disgruntled 3 year old and see if that helps. Hold on.

Nope. It just makes my feet hurt. I need a big ol’ cushy stompin’ floor so I can do petulant up right. Hrumph. I’m definitely scheduling a nap this weekend or someone’s gonna be missing a face by the time Monday rolls around. I can feel it. I should also schedule some hot cocoa drinking time and maybe make a seasonal tasty quickbread like spice or ginger to go along with it. Ooooo…a fireplace wouldn’t go unappreciated and I want soft fuzzy overlarge dark blue jammies with white snowflakes and awesome cozy slippers to go along with everything else.

Why yes, I am having a selfish moment. Thanks for noticing.

Man, those jammies sound wonderful. I love my lamby jammies bottoms to bits but I do not love the top much on account of lacy detail. Why do womens got to be frilly? Why can’t we (re: I want something less girly more cozy) settle for plain but functional? I saw some flannel jammies at Meijer’s in the men’s section last time I was out and I tell you, they looked mighty cozy indeed. And the best part? There was no satin trimming or lace whatsit. Just top and pants.

I’m totally putting myself to sleep thinking about the perfect nap apparel. You know what? I don’t have much else to say and I’m sort of in my happy snuggly place at the moment so I’m going to leave this short and sign off.

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