Mop! Mop! Mop! Mop!

A Draenei and her cat.

This is the newest incarnation of our Warcraft obsession; characters on an RP server. My character is the vixen looking character and standing next to me is another of our team in cat form. It took an unanticipatedly long time to get this shot because Boeff (the cat – whose name here is actually Vargr or whatever ‘wolf’ is in Norse. Which is funny because he’s not a wolf, he’s some sort of panther thing) had no idea from where I was trying to take this pic. There was a lot of “OK, spin a little to your right. Other right. OK, my right. Hell, sit at 7 o’clock. No 7 this time zone. You’re currently facing 5. Oh right, you have no idea where 12 is do you? Sorry that.” until finally we had a pretty pic pose. Then some yooha kept jumping around in the frame so we spun 180 degrees and went through the whole posing dance again. Then I snapped the pic (and it is indeed snapped and not screen capped. I is a dork!) and there you go. Sadly, I forgot to move the mouse out of the way so my finally perfect pic isn’t so much. DOAH!

I still like orcs better, but at least this Draenei is an amusing cross between a Japanese schoolgirl and some sort of demonatrix. Heh.

TheMan and I sat down to make up our Christmas list and holy cow! Where did November go? I can’t believe that in two short days (or maybe one short day, depending on how you see things) it’ll be December first. What’s THAT about? This weekend, being the aforementioned December 1st, I’ll try to get all my on-line shopping done as well as putting up the decorations. The tree and Advent calendar are still AWOL but I also haven’t yet put aside some dedicated missing decoration finding time to solve this issue. I can tell you that the Christmas tree is not in the computer room, my sock drawer, or the Raisin Bran and also hasn’t magically appeared in the microwave or bathtub.

I’m going to actually have to mulch my roses this weekend or not at all since I haven’t done that yet and it’s getting really chilly. Also, the mulch bags are sitting in my garden freezing up and making me feel a little white trash because they’ve been there for weeks and weeks. Yeah, it’s a wee tad late in the season for gardening but the mulch bags are giving me the stink eye every time I come home and I can’t have that the rest of winter. I’m hoping the bags haven’t frozen into one large mulchsicle already.

I am still arcing Pop tarts on account of being stupid with the sleep and I’ve got nothing really to say that I haven’t said. Good thing November is almost over because I’m running out of steam with this writing every day. Whew.

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