It’s Like A Whirlpool And It Never Ends

Tomorrow is the official Boots By Date, so my Birks have the rest of today to try and kill me with their evil slip slidy ways. Fortunately for me, it’s weirdly warm and nice and dry out. HA!

Argh! Tomorrow is also December 1st. What happened to November? Better yet, what happened to 2007? Wow. At least I can officially start to put up decorations this weekend and not piss November off. Heh.

Speaking of decorations, on the way in to work today I stumbled upon the coolest dorm Christmas lights display. Somebody had hooked together several strings of lights and dropped them out of a second story window, down and around the first floor window below, over to the door, up and over the frame, across to the first story window on the other side, up a drain pipe and back in another second story window. From the way the dorm is laid out, I think several different rooms are in on the festiveness which is pretty cool but I can’t imagine The Powers That Be are going to be as amused. I also wonder how they got the lights back up without a stepladder. What college student has a stepladder?

I noticed that The Powers That Be got all jiggy with the snow-be-gone stuff which would be cool if there was actually any snow. And also if it were anywhere close to freezing, which it was not. I don’t quite understand the snow removal/ice prevention practices but I guess they are at least doing something. *shrug*

Today is the last day of updating every day in November…HUZZAH! Except I usually update every day in December which ARRRGH! Why??!?? At least I get to wear boots. Don’t ask.

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2 Responses to “It’s Like A Whirlpool And It Never Ends”

  1. Sean K. Says:

    Hmm. If it was several strings of lights connected together, maybe they lowered half of them out of one window, and half out the other window, and then connected them near the ground?

  2. Boo Says:

    I thought about that but on further inspection, they managed to wrap the last string of lights around the drain pipe pretty far up. I am stymied!

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