Weekend Recap

Loaves, Fishes and a big dead pile of bodies. Ummm…huh?

I can’t remember what we did on Friday. Hrrrmph! Nope, totally gone. Heh, we probably loafed around and did a whole pack o’ nothing.

Saturday we were going to go check out tuxes but the Qs were down from north of north and since TheMan’s birthday is right around the corner (this Thursday folks!) we decided to hang with the ‘rents and DQ for a birthday thing. TheMan got him some fun gifts, sorta, and I got one too! Whoot! The first one wasn’t much of a surprise because we saw it up north of north when we tooled up there on Memorial day weekend. Mom Q. knows a lady who does watercolor illustrations for little kid books and on occasion, Mom Q. will buy the originals from her. She had bought two, one for TheMan and one for DQ and they came down all nicely framed and such, PLUS there was a copy of the book that has the painting is in. Very cool. Our pic has a plesiosaur and other swimmy-saurs on it and it went up in the hallway as soon as it got home. Also in the stash was a veg-o-matic from the cleaning out of Aunt Lil’s house (it’s going up for sale and she is moving to a more care assisted facility).

TheMan got some more finger puppets too. The Prince from the Royal Rumpus collection was hangin’ with the dog and frog of the Spellbinders group. I would link to if the Manhatten Toy Company would let me but it wont so just type in Royal Rumpus or Spellbinders in the search and they will come up. The dog rocks in his blue pointy hat and blue wizzardy robe. He even has a tail! We now have 14 finger puppets…we need a stage! OoooOoooOooo! Take a look at the Wilders finger puppets! Another MONKEY! And a blue font and a really cool liony-lion! Oh the toucan or parrot is cool too, but he is no MONKEY! GAHHH! I just found a green eggs and ham set (Type Seuss and go to page 4) and the green eggs and ham are A PUPPET unto themselves! I got to have me a green eggs and ham finger puppet! You know whose butt Green eggs and ham puppet would kick. Totally.

Where was I before the green eggs and ham puppet shiny? OH! Yeah. Did I mention that Mom Q is evil? EVIL! She collected a bundle of birthday money in entirely old small headed bills. TheMan is never going to spend them because he is a coin/bill collector and is always on the look out for small headed bills (which Mom Q. knows). So now TheMan has a whole envelope of birthday money in all small headed bills he wont spend or even George I’ll wager. What good is birthday money if you don’t get to spend it hedonistically on yourself (or your fiancée! Just sayin *g*)?

After de Presentz, we went out to eat at Bob Evans (down on the farm) and waited forEVER for a freekin table. When we got our table (a half hour to forty five minutes later) I ordered a chicken cordon bleu skillet which I will highly recommend. Tasty tasty eggs and chicken…the young and old of the bird for breakfast. Yummm. Oh, and cheese. Then we were going to do the tux thing but TheMan had a bit of rumble gut so we stayed home.

Oh yeah, I got a lennox (? The fine porcelain makers guys) elephant from Aunt Lil’s as my part of the birthday loot. Very fine!

Sunday was weird. Mumses and Mr. Paul were going to come down to attend church and see the place and meet the pastor fella. Which was all good and fun except they also had a guest pastor in who was the bishop’s right hand man. Or something like that, he reminded me of Ed Bagley Jr. He was alright until the sermon on the fishes and loaves story. I always liked the fishes and loaves story and I always thought that it was a fairly happy and upbeat telling but after a general ‘Thanks, Good to be here’ the guest pastor went off on this lecture about a huge pile of cholera bodies that a five year old got caught up in somewhere down in Nigeria or Rwanda (or wherever). Unfortunately I missed the transition so I was still on ‘OK, he’s all appreciative to be here etc.’ mode when the bodies, mass grave and starving five year old came zinging out of no where. OooooKay, I guess we are doing that sermon thing now. Right, I’m with you. Except I wasn’t because what do bodies and starving happy farmers have to do with fishes and loaves?

He went on and on and ON about the kid and the people and how they live a simple life and how Americans are spoiled and the simple African people are happier (because he has seen them) and this and that and bad you for ordering a grilled cheese sandwich when people in Tanzania cant even afford a slice a bread. I had to lean over to TheMan and ask if the sermon wasn’t usually about the reading because I couldn’t see where it might (if ever) tie in. TheMan was just as confused as I was.

About this time, the infant behind us got fussy, and more fussy, and most fussy until the mom up and dropped bra and started nursing it. What? Excuse me if I am being a childless ass much here, but isn’t it customary to take a fussy child somewhere else (say the church nursery just down the hall) when it has been continually cranky for about five minutes or so and who breast feeds IN CHURCH during the sermon? Is that something that people do now-a-days? Am I just old and conservative to think that that sort of behavior is exceedingly rude? Man, I was irritated. I had no hope of following Mr. “all over the map sermonizer” pastor fella because mega slurp monster ultra hungry baby was going to town right behind me. It’s the second time we have had the fortune to be sitting in front of this couple too and the last time they did the same thing. At least I know who they are now so we don’t have to get caught in front of them again.

Oi. So church finished and we left for breakfast and then came home to collect our things for the game. Oh? You remember when I was talking about TheMan and his Saturday illness? Guess who got it on Sunday? (yeah I know…some sort of divine flu bug for not being tolerant with nursing mom and sucking baby yadda yadda. Whatever. Bite me. Pffft) I had me a bit of a lie down while TheMan cleaned the upstairs (and it is SHINY!), then I got an organizational bug up my butt and assembled (or caused to assemble) the other book case which then had to be populated. Whoot! More stuff has a home and my figurine fonts are all on display. Go me. Now all that’s left is to vacuum up all the cat hair off the floor, futons and chairs and do the dishes.

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