I’m a November Post-a-day Challenge Survivor

The Little Kitty, she found her a NEW BOX!!11!!

Welcome to the first real entry of the “December Post-a-Day” thing. Check it out too…on-time JSFR! Mostly. Well Sunday was posted on Sunday which shocked me to no end and Saturday was only a day late which…woah. I was going to report on my goal of averaging one JSFR a week over the whole JSFR but I’ve run into some weird numbers. Over at the new JSFR site, it says I am on post number 473 which…theoretically…means that there are 473 posted JSFRs. That’s 9 plus years of posting once a week or 2.3 posts a week over the 4 years of the JSFR. That isn’t right at all. Oh wait, I had a thought. Hold on…OK nope. My brilliant, but failed, solution to the 473 conundrum was that maybe the first post might not be post number one. It isn’t, but it still won’t add up since 213 minus 473 is 260 and still way too many posts.

Back at the booniverse, where I’ve been linking JSFRs ever since they moved, it says that there are 229 posts (228 actually, since at the booniverse the ratings page is technically JSRF 1) which is closer to the 222 there are supposed to be (assuming a once a week posting). It’s quite possible that I’ve met and slightly exceeded my average with the random double weekend posting but I also go without posting occasionally. I would have thought the double posting and the not posting would have evened out to almost on target but perhaps I’m more industrious than I think I am. Hard to believe!

I should figure out what’s going on over at the JSFR though and why it thinks I have 260 posts.

Hey! Speaking of posts, for those of you who were slightly curious, these were the TMBG (They Might Be Giants for anyone who was confused by the initials) songs I used:

November 1st = Birdhouse in Your Soul
November 2nd = Destination Moon
November 5th = Hovering Sombrero
November 6th = Why Does the Sun Shine
November 7th = She’s Actual Size
November 8th = Which Describes How You’re Feeling All the Time
November 9th = Bed, Bed, Bed
November 12th = Hypnotist of Ladies
November 13th = Drink!
November 15th = Cyclops Rock
November 16th = Fingertips
November 19th = Shoehorn with Teeth
November 20th = Edison Museum
November 21st = Particle Man
November 22nd = The House at the Top if the Tree
November 23rd = Meet James Ensor
November 26th = They Got Lost
November 27th = Where Your Eyes Don’t Go
November 28th = Robot Parade
November 29th = Violin
November 30th = Ana Ng

Saturday TheMan and I did NOTHING but play Warcraft and make soup. I guess that’s actually something but we made a point of planning on not doing any out of the house projects because of the impending storm nastiness. The weather guys predicted a ginormous, city crippling snow storm of biblical proportions and we didn’t want to have anything to do with it. So we didn’t. Instead, I did all the shopping Friday night and we lay (extremely) low all day Saturday, boogering around in Warcraft. And making soup, but that bit of industry was sort of a spontaneous accident. What? There was a carcass in the fridge and you have to let the soup burble all day (and we had plans Sunday). The house smells AWESOMZ and we have soup stock to last us a good long time (I got the big pot out for this souping).

Warcraft was nothing special. We played, we leveled, we smelled soup the entire second half of the day.

Christmas sorta went up a little this weekend. I was too lazy to do a proper cleaning of the livingroom and bedroom so I decided to just tidy and dust the dresser for the nativity scene and tackle the living room tomorrow. Which is today, but I don’t want to go at the whole living room. That’s like work! Instead, I’m planning on deep cleaning sections of the room. The tree area gets a good dusting and a righteous scrubbing tonight (and the tree goes up!). Tomorrow, I will probably tackle one of the couch areas, then the other one the next day. Then the entry way. You can’t take these things too fast you know.

The Little Kitty wishes we’d hop to on the organizing. She’d be especially pleased if we could start with the stack of Smithee Movies currently occupying her favorite sitting space.

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  1. Sean K. Says:

    A movie called Spoiler? Does it have a villain who keeps giving away upcoming plot details?

  2. Boo Says:

    Well, I don’t rightly know. Lemmie grab the flick. Hey! It’s a Gary Daniel’s vehicle. Hmmm, seems that “spoilers” are dangerous escaped convicts. Ummm, they mention cryo-suspension as a form of incarceration so spoiler like meat?

    I like your theory better.

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