The Science of Snooze

Wake me up before you go-go.

I am very tired today. I just came back from the tea room with two cups of cheap mocha (the only way to drink the over burnt Starbuck’s nast-tastic coffee we are privileged to drink), a cup of Earl Grey and a cup of hot water and maybe after I finish all four I will be somewhat awake (and warm). Maybe. Ugh. TheMan and I did not start to go to bed until about midnight, which means we decided at 11:57ish that we ought to pack it in so we went about turning lights off, securing this, last bathroom break that and getting stuff together for tomorrow the other. By the time we got to sleep it was closer to one in the morning. We really need to start the whole ‘to bed’ process much earlier.

I’m also cold, which happens when I am very tired.

We did get some cleaning done last night. TheMan found part of the coffee table (apparently enough of it so that the Little Kitty felt the need to sit her butt right down on top of it this morning. Bad kitty!), some of the end table, most of the chair and got a lot of other little clutter spots dug out. The Little Kitty is all sorts of happy about the chair getting cleaned as that is her very favorite spot to nap and for the past week it has been overrun with things from the great video cabinet removal project. She was down to giving us the evil kitty eye every time she was over there and occasionally moping on the arm and looking dolefully at the pile of crud in the way of her snoozing. I also saw her snoozing on the top of the chair back a couple of time, which I had never seen her do before. Like it’s all about the Little Kitty or something. Heh, the arm rest moping was pretty funny though.

I, on the other hand, took a bit of a nap until I had this weird sensation of something touching my forehead. Not a soft brush of a cat part or the tickle of whiskers or even a bit of blanket, it felt like someone was running their hand across my skin and it was creepy. There wasn’t much point in continuing the nap because after that little experience I was wide awake, thankyouverymuch, so I started in on the dishes. What is it with dishes? I did a large load of them yesterday morning and after they were put away I did another huge stack of them yesterday evening and it still looks like we are being overrun my the Mongolian horde of dishes. TheMan says he notices a difference but I can’t see it. No more counter space was recaptured and yet there were two huge piles of clean dishes. I don’t get it.

We are gearing up for the great parTAY this Saturday (which is supposed to be rainy with thunderstorms. Joi) which means more cleaning still. Fortunately there is not too much else to do in the living room. Just running the dust buster over the furniture to remove the collected cat that has accumulated and some small tidying and a final swiffer. Elsewhere the list gets a little longer and in the kitchen it’s all about the dishes. Damn dishes. Tonight we get to go shopping for supplies (beer! chips, brats, the essentials) and I have to make cup cakes for Paul the Other’s birthday for Wednesday. Damnit, more dishes. Hrrrmph. I need to make a list of shopping stuff some time today as well.

In a related but different topic, I am trying a new method of weed control for the driveway crack babies. Errr…crack weeds. Weeds in the crack…oh whatever. Mom Q. suggested pouring boiling water over the weeds to kill them, which sounded much more fun that sitting on my butt yanking them out of the ground. Heh…have some water my pretties! This morning I ran a test batch of boiled weeds so hopefully when we pull in tonight there will be a line of mushy dead plants. Damn weeds, I swear they are related to dishes. Yeah, I have to weed the driveway before Saturday too. The fun never stops I tell you.

As exciting as this all is, it’s the only thing I have to offer today. I’m thinking of finding a nice warm dark corner and curling up for the rest of the day. Feh!

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