Absent Out Of Thine August Blogstats I May Yet Do Homage Before Thy Visible Shadow

Do you realize how hard it is to find a good August quote for blog statting? Nobody wants to talk about August, even Caesar Augustus. Dude only has four surviving quotes; two about paving Rome in marble and one about making haste cautiously and the last about old dudes listening to young dudes that listened to old dudes. Or something. Even Willie failed me and if Willie or the Bible didn’t say it, it was never said. I cut the bible some slack here because August was pretty new back then. After a bunch o’ Googling wherein Google was not my webfriend, I settled on Ambrose Bierce but even he up and had a disappearance. I tell you, nobody likes August.

  • There were no days in five years of August where I said “Screw it, I’m not writing an entry today” for every single occurrence of that day.
  • There were two days in all of the Augusts that I only blogged once: August 9, and 24.
  • The number of August days that have 2 posts is 3
  • The number of August days that have 3 posts is 12
  • The number of August days that have 4 posts is 9
  • There were 5 dates in August where the lazy did not hit and I managed to blog every single time that day rolled around: 5th, 6th, 18th, 25th, 27th.
  • There are 105 posts out of a possible 155 in five year’s worth of August which should be a 68% posting rate. Or, to change coordinate systems, there was an average posting rate of 4.74 posts per week.
  • Math continues to be surly but I did not have nearly the calculation errors this moth that I did last month. Sadly, I did wind up with something like 22 posts a week before I sat back and had a little talk with the math. And also realized that I need to multiply 4 and a scootch weeks by five years of blogging before doing the number of posts division. I have no idea why this sort of math makes my head fuzzy but it does. I can do calculus (or could do back in the day) like a mad thing but get me to try and figure out an average posting a week and my brain goes, “Whut?”
  • I just realized that I’m into December with the posting and other than the month of September, I’ve been relinking all the past the entries as I’ve posted. If I go back and do September and continue relinking as I post, I’ll be done with this project by the end of the year. Whooo! Then I’ll have to go back and find all the links in the meat of the posts that may not be pointing to the right place. Fortunately, I think the blogstats page will do that for me.
  • TheMan told me yesterday that he can tell when I’ve been dinking around doing relinking because the hits go from about 2000 to 10,000. I was a bit alarmed about that, since I didn’t think linking in 200ish entries would get me 8,000 hits but apparently the stats stuff counts both clicking and loading as hits, so if I click on an entry that has pictures, I get the entry click hit as well as the picture loading hit. I think. Or maybe I’m just crazy for the clicky.

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