Taking Over the Town, One Store at a Time

They had an opening party at the new Starbucks in town and gave out free tall drinks and baked goods. WHEEE! Although does this town really need 2 drive ins, 4 full stores and three kiosk stores? That’s only the Starbucks stores too. This town is not wanting for its caffeine.

Mmmm…peppermint white mocha.

Wait…what? Oh right. Update. Today was, shall I say, bitchin’ cold (so the peppermint white mocha was warm and cozy good) but not cold enough to get my hat out. Oh no. Scarf? Sure but hat hair? Egads, how unpopular. So I waltzed out of the house all “Tra-la-la I have a hood and no time for hat hair” and immediately suffered brain freeze. Now that my brain has thawed, I’m thinking ten degrees might just be hat weather. I’ve also decided that I need new gloves this year. Not because my current gloves have gotten themselves a giant hole in the palm (which they do, but not through all the layers yet) but because I’m tired of the wind whistling through them like they are some sort glove grand canyon. Note to self: Knit gloves do not stop the wind. Second note to self: The wind is damned cold!

Cleaning! It goes! Slowly. Last night I moved a whole couch and cleaned in the couch space area. Whooo! Then I moved the couch back and watched TV for the rest of the night. Heh. What? I got some cleaning done. Today I should do some picking up and keep my happy cleaning bubble but…ummm…I…mighthaveacaseoflazy. I suppose it wouldn’t hurt my lazy to pick up a few things. Hmmm. What can I reach and put away while still sitting on the couch.

Saturday, when TheMan and I did absolutely nothing, I noticed that my hair has grown out to the point that my natural color is beginning to show. Or, as the fashion conscious would say, my roots are showing. Anyway, it made me giggle because I dyed my hair black and my normal color is medium brown so it looks like I’m losing my hair. Heh. It also means that I’m going to have to do something with it pretty soon so I don’t look like a complete loon. So, I’m thinking of bleaching it this time around so I can do something fun. And also so I don’t have to go through several iterations of ligher and ligher blacks and browns until it’s about the right color. Boring. And also patience isn’t one of my strong points. I’m still not sure what color I’m going to go with after the bleaching. Blue? Purple? More burgundy?

Oooo, I have a blogaversary coming up in five days. Six years of posting! As usual I have no idea what I’m going to use for the “last year” section. Well, nothing cool anyway.

TheMan’s finally put together all the Legos into one massive vehicle, the “Space Harvy”. Roll out!

Last year at the booniverse: It’s continuing to snow and cold (yay boots!) which would be really pretty if I weren’t such a cold weather sissy.

Last last year at the booniverse: And the ever popular Stegosaurus. Note the spikes. And the crank. This is one cranky-a-saurus.

The year before at the booniverse: For those of you who fell asleep, which I clearly did not get nearly enough of so I’m going to have to confiscate your sleep, TheMan and I did a one day jaunt down to ‘Bama to visit my grandma.

The year before that at the booniverse: After my fourth nap I was feeling better so I went out SHOPPING!

8 Responses to “Taking Over the Town, One Store at a Time”

  1. TheMan Says:

    Harvy? What in the… OH! I said “Space RV”!

    Still, Harvy is a good name for a big space-going recreational vehicle. I’ll keep the name.

  2. Bailey Says:

    Was that a +10 degrees as cold? Or a -10? Cuz it’s about a balmy -10 in Canada this morning.

  3. Boo Says:

    It was a +10 (F) which was awfully nippy compared to the day before (25) and today (32). Is that a Canadian -10 (as in -10C?) or an American -10 (F?)

  4. Patti Says:

    Speaking of temperatures, my dad is in Florida. He sent me an email to let me know it is in the 70s down there. Love him, but wanted to smack him over email.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Amy says that A2 has plenty enough Starbucks, but the area near where we live in Ypsi needs some. Or one.

  6. Sean K. Says:

    A Starbucks near you could get all their milk from the giant cow…

  7. Boo Says:

    We found yet another Starbucks yesterday. Apparently the Ann Arbor – Saline Meijers has a Starbucks inside. And while at the mall, we decided that the middle court Starbucks indeed counted as a full store so that’s…7 full stores (2 drive throughs) and three kiosk stores.

  8. Kevin Says:

    There’s a wee Starbucks inside the 24-hour Kroger on Maple Road. Did you count that one? I think that one’s more of a kiosk store than a full store.

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