Office Space: A Picto-blog

Welcome to my 9 to 5 weekday humble abode. My desk is the far back one with drawers and other cool things which people seem to be trending away from. I have no idea why, but the latest thing is to have a shiny! shiny! a-justable desk (which you can see in the examples provided by the two desks on the left). I don’t cotton to the new fangled notion of a-justa-bilty and besides. Where am I goin to put my stuff? I need drawers, damnit.

You can also see one of the two giant sized windows that look into the copier room. Joi. I do get lots o’ shelves though, in which I keep my stuff but that still doesn’t mean I am going to give up my desk with drawers because some things are shelf things and some things are drawer things. Also of note is the box of paper lounging in a seemingly random way in the middle. Since they reorganized my office (and it’s been re-reorganized since this shot and had another desk added) there is really no good place for my box of scrap paper so it hangs out by the fax machine. Coincidentally, there are quite a lot of vacation deals to Aruba and Jamaca and other warm destination spots in the box.

This is my new flat monitor, which I do cotton to. Not all technology is the debbil. I guess the screen saver de zeit was Vandecat giving a raspberry which was amusing. On top are a couple food cats and along the side are a few braces of origami cranes. I’d make up a handful of them and then when my assistant was bored she’d string them together. Sadly, that assistant graduated and now I have to string up my own cranes. I’ll manage somehow. I have no idea about the red dot, other than it is some sort of IT tracking dot. The yellow post-it sayd “Your webfriend Google” incase you were wondering.

Part of the window ledge brigade and a view into the copier room. The three ducks were from a whole flock of ducks that were raced down the large window well one year. That would have been awesome to see from the inside, as would have been the one St. Patty’s day when a dude convinced his buddies he could retrieve whatever it was that they lost down the well if his buddies dangled him over the railing and down the glass. Next to the ducks is a bionicle and a Starbuck’s drink lingo booklet. Disturbingly, we actually use the drink lingo book more than I’d like to admit.

It’s the orange bear! He fits nicely on top of my new printer and you can see the hat of the Halloween cat who lives on top of my stapler off to his left. I have an old cranky electric stapler that KA-CHONKS like it means business when it staples. The cat tends to fall off whenever that happens so half the time he’s perched on the stapler while the other half he’s lying about haphazardly on the desk somewhere. You would think I’d get tired of setting the cat back up but it hasn’t gotten old yet. You can also see the bionicle again and Coco-pan, who can no longer fit on my slim new monitor. I bet that pisses Coco-pan right off too.

Here is my piece of shit HP5si which won’t print anything useful but plain paper. From tray one. It’s the back-up networked printer so I can’t get rid of it, but I can mock it. A coworker of mine left me a doodle of “Disco Droid” (I…have no idea) so I stuck him/her/it on the HP to liven the thing up. Maybe. Well, it’s a big piece of hulking feces so I might as well use it for something and all that blank space cries out to be covered in doodle art.

You know, I haven’t yet figured out where I’m going to put my comics and here is a giant space of un coveredness. Maybe the HP5si has a use afterall…

Back to the window side of the room and the fax machine. Here’s another bionicle lurking around and in the foreground you can see the candy jar. It’s amazing how many people come see me now that I’ve reactivated the candy jar.

They still want braaaaains.

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5 Responses to “Office Space: A Picto-blog”

  1. Bailey Says:

    What exactly do you DO though?

  2. Boo Says:

    I’m officially a “clerk” but the work is part secretary part office manager and unofficially I tell everyone that I am my department’s glue.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I misread that as your department’s *grue*. If there’s a power outage at your office, I expect you to eat at least one co-worker, okay?

  4. Patti Says:

    I got a strange sense of deja vu when I saw that office…seriously. That never happens to me. Is there any hint you can give re: where you work? Seriously…this is gnawing at me.
    OTOH, maybe all offices look alike? It’s more than that though………..
    Your friendly online Smithee stalker,

  5. Boo Says:

    LOL Patti. If you were a true devoted stalker you could figure out where I worked pretty easily. I’m just sayin. 🙂

    Kevin: I will put that on my Power Outage Checklist.

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