Secret Title Title

What? Secret Title is really Secret Title Title??!?

OK, before y’all get squigged by the pic above, lemmie explain. We were tooling around in Warcraft one day doing whatever and I reached over to my ubiquitous drinking cup to take a swig of refreshing lemonade. Except out of the corner of my eye I saw a gargantuan float nasty in the bottom of the glass which gave me pause. And also churned my stomach a bit because what the hell was in my glass? True, it had been lemonade from sometime that morning, but a couple hours shouldn’t have been enough time to grow a monstrous cup nasty. So I gave it a good eyeballing and lo! Yoda had fallen into my drinking cup.

We keep a couple Star Wars guys in and around the computer table and apparently, at some point in time I had bumped the desk in such a way that Yoda went swimming. I think both of us were a tad surprised by that. I rescued the Jedi master and gave him a good sudsing, seeing as he was head to toe drenched with Crystal Light, and set him out to dry. Somehow I’m not sure he envisioned being dunked in lemonade and then given a bath as one of the great mysteries of the force.

Also, oddly, Yoda’s the only desk toy to date that has gone swimming.

So! This weekend. Friday is easy: We were going to play Warcraft but instead TheMan worked on some sort of visual or digital portfolio and I read a good chunk of The Golden Compass. Aint we the party animals? The cats, by the way, were very pleased that I was on the bed ignoring them rather than on the computer ignoring them. At least when I’m reading they get to snuggle up to me and I’ll occasionally reach over and scritch their kitty heads when I change positions. I think I read well into the wee hours of Saturday because The Golden Compass rocks.

Saturday we boogered around in Warcraft doing this and that until the early afternoon sometime. Then we made our way over to Badmovie and LunarGeography’s house for turkey and fixins. LunarGeography’s place of employment gave her a turkey voucher and she decided that she and Badmovie couldn’t possibly eat enough of the bird before it went off, so we got to help. Yum! I let her in on the bird carcass secret and she set out to have a soupin for the next day. Do you know what’s awesome about living here? You can chuck a bird carcass outside if you don’t have enough room in your fridge for a giant pot o’ bird and it’ll keep until you have enough time to boil it down the next day. That totally wrocks.

Afterwards we made up some cookies and had ice cream cookie whatsits while watching Troll 2. Which had no trolls in it.

Sunday TheMan was feeling low so I wandered off for some hanging time with badmovie and LunarGeography again. We, of course, watched another Smithee movie which was much less entertaining than Troll 2. I guess they can’t all be winners.

By the way, tomorrow I have to think up yet another last year/ last last year for the bottom of the entries because tomorrow is the booniverse’s blogaversary. Awwww. *sniff* My little blog is so grown up. And I have no idea what I’m going to get it because I still haven’t thought of a good something to put after ‘The year before that’. I’m a bad blog mom!

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