Merry Blogaversary

One out of one ninja devil duckies are Mac users.

Holy cow! How’s this for freakishly weird…today is the 5th anniversary of the booniverse so I looked up the very first entry ever and lo! It seems as if five years ago I took a header and bruised myself up somat fierce. Do you know what happened yesterday? TheMan and I were leaving to go shopping when I heard an odd noise behind me. So I turned around to see what was up and AIEEEE! My poor husband was lying all akimbo on the ground having slipped down the concrete porch steps.

He’s on the ‘more’ side of more or less OK but guess what he has today? A bruise bigger than George Washington’s head. The dollar bill George Washington. Apparently, while thinking to himself “tuck your head, tuck your head, tuck your head” all the way down he managed to whackity just the right side of his back and bum rather than go bangity-bang all the way down on his spine. Yay for no spinal injuries but he is very, very sore today. And also there will be no pictures of his bruise because although it is magnificently red-purple and about the size of my hand, it is also squarely on his right bum cheek. There would be no question of what part of my husband was bruised ergo, no pic.

That’s not to say that there were no pictures taken. It seems we have no hand mirrors and the unexpected jaunt in the unusual way down the porch left my poor husband unable to turn around comfortably to see his bruise in a mirror. And it was one of those bruises you just have to see. It started as a thumb like splotch, which grew four parallel bruise lines (one for each step he bounced down) that eventually melded into one large ginormous ugly bruise thing. It is the kind of bruise that gets you instant sympathy anywhere. So no hand mirror but…ummm…Hey, lookie look! Digital camera. So maybe I took some pics of the developing bruise because it was a mighty king of bruises and one should be able to appreciate the unfolding of such a bruise. Which my poor husband wasn’t able to do.

And then I baleeted them because TheMan was all about NOT having pics of his bum on the card. Hrrrm!

We limped our way to the Mall (shudder) and did some Christmas shopping and then limped our way home. TheMan had a nice long talk with a heating pad, some Advil and a bloody Mary while I read the rest of The Golden Compass. Then we nodded off. The end.

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