Happy Birthday TheMan

Heh, he puts the “Oooo!” in ThirtyTwo

Cheesy! That’s me! And crazy in love with the most wonderful, sexy, nice, considerate guy there is (and he has a great ass too). Others may have a bit of a disagreement over that (for instance LunarGeography is thoroughly convinced that Badmovie is the sexiest man ever. Chyah, whatever) but they are all clearly deluded. One day they will see I am right. Heh!

So today’s entry is all about TheMan. Tune in tomorrow if you are all bored (probably jealous of TheMan’s fantabulous looks if you are a guy, or all insane that he is MY man if you are a girl. Yup, Totally all about the green monster there. Are too…see? I can see it in your walk buddie/chickie. That is so disgruntled ass shake if I have EVER seen it. Go on, put on your denial hat but I’m right and deep down you know it. HA!) and I’ll have some light Friday Fivin’ action going on and maybe a real entry. Or I might just pop up the collection of Quizzes I have percolating on my computer and call that good. Whatever.

Hey, have they all gone yet? No? Yes?

GOOD! Ha. Just clearing out the Riff-raff from TheMan’s Birthday Entry. Hee! I’m not even going to get all mushy-gooshy here either because I have to proof read my stuff and *I* can’t stand all that hearts and flowers crap. Well, unless they are chocolate hearts and flowers. Chocolate is always good. Mmmm, chocolate.

I don’t know if I mentioned it, and I think I did somewheres but I am not finding it when I run a search, but TheMan already got his birthday present from me. First off, TheMan is one nasty hard person to shop for so I’m always trying to think of a good gift to give him and drawing lots of blanks. His fam assures me that this is a pretty normal thing and they have been dealing with it for 30+ years so I shouldn’t feel so bad. Damnit though, I wanna find THE gift every time and it’s tough. Fortunately I hit mega pay dirt for his birthday so I’m good for the next year or so. No really, I am the queen of best gift ’03 and it’s not going to change even through the Christmas holiday. I am that confident.

See, it all started with “the old VW microbus” the Qs had way back when TheMan was a wee boy. It had naugha-hide (is that spelled right?) seats so someone made seat covers out of orange towels so that no one got vinyl burn on summer bare legs. They had the van long enough for a 5 year old boy to get so attached to it that he was incredibly despondent when the fam traded up for a newer model. The boy, however, kept the towel seat covers and lovingly used them up until the point his fiancée moved in. Ah-hem. Yeah. ANYWAY, said fiancée, not realizing the sentimental importance of sad threadbare ratty old (but absolutely totally wonderful) towels suggested ditching them in favor for some that still had terry on them (and consequently actually dried things off rather than push water around on things).

Oh the horror! However, TheMan was grown and as sad as it was to think of retiring the towels, he had to admit that they really weren’t working very well as towels anymore so reluctantly he agreed that they should be moved to the rags box. Said fiancée felt two inches tall because said fiancée is a sentimental poop too. Something about chucking the last vestiges of TheMan’s childhood car-friend (shut-up! Little kids have inanimate object friends all the time. I bet you even had a blankie or a teddy or something that you still look back on and think of fondly) really made said fiancée feel like a mean old witch. I guess said fiancée equates it with loosing a bit of childhood magic and getting even more deeply mired in the crap fest of adulthood. Said fiancée is trying to stave off adulthood for as long as she can.

So, said fiancée hit upon THE PLAN which involved sending the banished towels out to a mutual friend who sews teddy bears as a hobby (and is very good at it, like ‘could make them professionally’ good at it). Friend whipped up an orange towel bear with cute purple fruity pajama bottoms and sent Mr. Orange Towel Bear back sometime earlier this month. Of course said fiancée couldn’t keep it a secret any longer (bear had been in the making since March-ish as Friend is also in grad school) so TheMan got his present early. TheMan loved it! It was both Orange Towel and Bear (which he collects after a fashion) and a much more dignified use of the Towels that shoving them in a rag box.

See? I totally rock! But now I’m out of great ideas too. Plus, since I gave him his present early, I don’t have anything to give to him on his actual birthday day. That kinda sucks.

I did make fresh (wait for it) Blueberry muffins this morning and coffee for breakfast and let TheMan snooze. We are also going to our favorite restaurant for dinner and I will be hoofing it out for a light lunch so I guess today is about doing things with and for him rather than giving him stuff. I still like stuff though. Heh, STUFF!

Love you, babe. Happy Birthday.

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