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Having gotten the SNACKS from badmovie and LunarGeography (who are teh awesomz!) and written up the Sunday JSFR in a collaborative style with my Pigs, I thought I’d do something a little different over here at the booniverse today. I’m going to be quasi real time blogging rather than journaling – which is a lot like electronic diarying or so I’m told. Starting….now.

8:30 a.m. – You know what I love about NPR? I drove in today listening to a morning show entirely in German that started with Lili Marlene and just kept on going. That? Was awesome! Then I stopped off to get a cappuccino and an everything bagel at a not-Starbucks and my day continued to be full of win. Finally, when I got in and booted up my computer, it had another “thermal event” and crashed. That was not so much full of win or awesome but I was amused by the “event” message. The first one, which happened Tuesday I think, said something like “Oh hey. I just sort of shut down because of some thermal event thing and I totally wouldn’t bother you about it but my operating system tells me I have to let you know. And say, I just did so now I’ll go off and do my computery stuff and you can do your meatspace stuff and we can continue to be friends. Cool?”

Today, the message was more “Dude! I just had a Thermal Event! Thermal Event!!! You know I’m a computer right? THIS CAN NOT BE GOOD!!!!!” I’m expecting the next message to be full of computer panic and capital letters, possibly with some extra nervous computer garbledy goop thrown in for good measure. Heh.

9:45 – Workin! And needing more coffee. *sniff* All gone coffee bye bye.

10:45 – Makin copies!

11:10 – Gettin the mail, ‘cuz you know the world explodes if I don’t. Thanks in the form of monetary donations can be made out directly to me. I’ll also accept gifts of computer electronics from any Apple store.

11:30 – I love Christmas time! I just scored a ‘Gin and Tonic’ chocolate truffle. Wrock.

12:00 – Out to the Post Office to mail out the ConBust contract. After that, we’re official! They sent us an obvious Rock Star Performing Artist contract which gave us serious pause when we hit the clause about needing a $1,000,000 insurance policy. Buh? Because of the legendary masses of screaming Smitheeites? We got back with them over e-mail (also we wanted to know if we could add “and back” to the “We agree to fly all y’all out to Connecticut for the con” clause) and they agreed that perhaps we were more an academic informative presentation with movie clip illustrations than a rock band. Although I’d love to hear TheMan get up and open the Smithees at Smith with “Hello Northampton…Are You Ready to ROCK!!!

12:45 – Back! And I did not stop at one of the city’s 12 Starbucks, even though this particular one happens to be parked smack dab next to the post office. Go me, saving teh monay. I think I deserve a mooched Christmas snackage for that yes? Definitely yes.

2:00 – Wrock on, my assistant graduates in April 09 and has agreed to work next semester and potentially (barring some amazing million dollar an hour job to do nothing opportunity) on until she is done schooling so I’ve got her for quite some time to come. This is me doing my “I don’t have to interview for my assistant position for three more semesters” dance.

3:00 – Typing the minutes from a meeting and because there was no agenda, we made up our own. Item 1: Eat holiday cookies. Item 2: Tell chick how awesome her minutes from the last meeting were. Item 3: Eat more holiday cookies. Seriously. This job wrocks.

3:30 – Oh say! Gotta go for a bit, the technician came with a new brain for my computer.

4:00 – Huzzah! No more thermal incidents!

5:00 – Dude! I’m so outta here. I gotta schedule a nap too cuz I’m dead tired.

6:00 – Home again, home again and working on yesterday’s post. And today’s post, obviously because I’m writing this. Which isn’t post dating. Which those of you who read through the archives have no way of knowing. See? If you were true booniverse devotees you would be here right now for the wonder of a post actually posted on time. Except if you were here right now you wouldn’t see this post yet because I’m still writing it. Whatever. I need to take a pic for today.

6:15 – Ha! Found a pic!

7:15 – Watching Law&Order. Of course I could pretty much type that any time during the day and I’d probably be right.

7:30 – Iiiiiice Creeeeeeeam!!!!

7:45 – Ow ow ow. Ice cream headache. I think I also freezer burned my tongue.

8:00 – Ordering Christmas gifts. I know what I’m getting y’all! Muahahaha!

8:30 – Me and my fuzzy ice cream burned tongue are going to bed for a little reading and early snoozing. See yas all tomorrow.

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4 Responses to “The Thursday Blog”

  1. Amy Says:

    Ok, do we get to have a Boo stream of conciousness next?

  2. Sean K. Says:

    I think “Are you ready to rumble?!” would make more sense at the Smithees. Of course, if typical Smithee food is being served, then the rumbling would be gastrointestinal in nature…

  3. Boo Says:

    Wasn’t this already a stream of conciousness? Or maybe that looks more like my regular thinking? EeeeYikes!

    Rumble is more a wrestling thing and the contract was way more rock band than wrestling federation.

  4. Kevin Says:

    All of our PCs at work died one-by-one of Thermal Events and required new kidneys.

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