Lookie look what came in! SQUEEEE! Also? That’s way more than an extra $5 of JSF money. Apparently, badmovie just went a little crazy, seeings as it’s the Christmas season and all. Badmovie got the JSFR some Christmas cheer! YAY!

It’s a clever present too because, as badmovie pointed out, he’ll get to try some of the snacks out as he is on the Guinea Pig rotation. Who doesn’t love some Japanese snackage?

TheMan is feeling much better today even though his bruise keeps getting bigger and nastier. It’s a beaut. I also found out that a couple of my coworkers did some slip sliding on Monday as well. It was a pretty dangerous day for a lot of people. My coworkers don’t have bruises bigger than George Washington’s actual head though. Sympathy points to TheMan.

Ugh. I’ve embarked on an ugly journey through the Smithee database. I asked myself a question and myself didn’t know the answer so we went to the Smithee site to look it up. Which…the site isn’t set up to answer my question of “Who is the most prolific Smithee director”. But the question was already asked and there is a way to find it out but it involves me plugging the Smithee data into an Excel file and sort/counting directors. So I set out to do this and man. 17 years of Smithee movies is a hella lot of movies. Also, I noticed that one of the directors, Brian De Palma, had no bio blurbit. Brian De Palma! Carrie director Brian De Palma! Then I started to notice that a lot of actors had no blurbits in the early years because they got famous after we Smitheed them. Oi. So my little question has turned into an overhaul of the database.

And that’s about everything. Hey, I can’t be exciting every day of the year.

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