Thirty Blog-stats Has September

I am glad that September has at least one ditty that I can blog-stat mangle because finding a good August quote was a pain in my hinder. Also Cyber-stalker Patty? This pic is for you.

  • There were no days in all of Septembers that I just said “Pfft. I ain’t updating”. It was close though.
  • There were two days in all of the Septembers that I only blogged once: September 13, and 25.
  • The number of September days that have 2 posts is 6
  • The number of September days that have 3 posts is 12
  • The number of September days that have 4 posts is 10
  • There were 0 dates in September that I managed to blog faithfully every year. What can I say? September seems to be my lazy month.
  • There are 80 posts in five year’s worth of September which comes out to…more or less…a 60% posting rate. Damn, I think I just failed September. In another perspective, I managed a measly 3.73 posts per week average.
  • The calculator 5ki11z are coming around this month. Although I did biff the calculations for posts per week, I managed to divide all the possible posts into the number of weeks possibly posted and came up with 7. Which makes absolute sense for those numbers but not for the answer I wanted. Still, it’s nice to see math working for a change.
  • September marks the last month that I had to go back en mass and relink everything. So, the booniverse should be properly queued up and pointing to the right server now save for these last few remaining days of December. Which I’m linking as I go, although there’s nothing really keeping me from doing all of 2006 and back and then linking in 2007 when I get to it. Nothing but lazy that is.
  • I just might, when I get to the end of the blog stat year, post a comparison table of all the months and their stats just for funs. Assuming I can code a better table than the last one I tried. Maybe I’ll ask my SysAdmin for some help

2006: If you feel the need to say to me “Have you checked to make sure the ‘X’ is plugged in?”, I will fong you. Of course the damn thing is plugged in, I’m NOT A TOTAL FUCKING IDIOT!

2005: Minus 20 boo points for anyone who says bad things about my sis!

2004: I bought three pairs, all the same waist size and all the same inseam but one pair I can’t button (*sniff*), one pair fits, albeit snuggly and this pair is big enough for me and a mad ferret (but not so good for ferret legging cause the critter’d just shoot right out of the top).

2003: Last last year at the booniverse: JSFR: Tohato Caramel Corn Snack (strawberry)

2002: New blog, no updaty.

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  1. Patti Says:

    Uh…I think I may have “known” you before I “knew” you. Let me just say that I used to be a lawyer, remember? And I worked legal aid, so we never had any books or reference materials or copy machines that worked. So….
    Jebus! This is spooky!!!!
    Patti 🙂

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