My Tuesday is Full of Win

Win I say!

The day started out with another awesome free form radio playlist set at WCBN and I have to say that I’m totally digging the WCBN these days. The drive in was kicked off with a jazzy sort of bells kind of thing (it was very New Orleans meets Geinoh Yamashirogumi), followed by a 50s sounding bubbly tune with the chorus “I love candy, candy, candy” (appropriate for the season), Blondie singing “Donnie” and a piece by a group called Rinken Band, which is a neat fusion of traditional staccato ululated Asian singing to modern driving beat music. I’m thinking I just might pick up a copy of their stuff because even though I’m not that keen into the traditional Asian singing, it totally wrocked when set to modern scoring. Plus the lead singer had a really nice voice.

Work went well enough. No one died, no one got fantastic holiday bonuses. My boss boss did bring in her world famous buckeyes…not that I really need more candy. They were really, really good though.

More of the Christmas presents we ordered for our peeps came in the mail yesterday. WHEEE! I’m thinking I should really get to wrapping them before it’s entirely too late and I’m doing a last minute wrapping frenzy. Again. Maybe I should look at it as a tradition, because you don’t go against tradition! OK, the Oyster Stuffing tradition is totally OK to buck but late wrapping? Why I’ve been doing that for years – YEARS now, wouldn’t want to go against that now would I? No siree Bob.

Am I convinced yet? Hmmmm. I’ll have to get back to you on that…maybe by Sunday.

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