I’m Dreaming of a White Weekend

Uh oh…splody.

Hey! Weekend recap. CoooOOOoool. Friday night was pretty lax. I took a nap and we played Warcraft into the wee hours of the night. Of course, this meant that…

Saturday we didn’t get up until 10:30 at least. I was the first one up and wandered out to the kitchen to make some breakfast fixings. Lately on the weekends I’ve been making up cinnamon rolls from the…errr…tube? Well the cardboard circular whatsit that you have to peel the label off and then it goes PA-FOOP and cinnamon roll dough comes a-bustin out the seams. Call it a tube or package or can, whatever – that’s what’s been our staple for weekend breakfasts for about a month or so. Kroget’s 10 for $10 Pillsbury rolls, babE! We ran out last weekend (because I decided we really didn’t need 10 except we totally did because they are YUMMY!) so I got the Kroger brand cheaper rolls instead.

Some things you just don’t want to go cheap on. My standard rule is no cheap Q-Tips, toilet paper, or plain Cheerio like entities and I’d almost include packaged cinnamon rolls in there too. Almost. Apparently, the cheap comes from skimping on the roll perforations so for a while there I looked like I was playing cat’s cradle with cinnamon dough trying to get them into their discreet roll units. That was interesting. However, the icing goo came in a handy squeezable package which was far better than the Pillsbury’s goo tub. Cutting packet corners and drizzling frosting beats knifing frosting onto hot rolls any day. The cheap rolls tasted just as good as the name brand rolls so I’m still on the fence about them. Perhaps I just got a badly QCd batch.

Saturday we spent the whole day lazy and playing Warcraft. woooo.

Sunday started with a plopping of snow that settled in about a foot deep. We didn’t get up until 10:30ish again (too much late Warcraft) but our neighbors had been out bright and early with the whole family clearing off the sidewalks. Which made us *those* neighbors so around 11 I grumbled out to tackle the snow. I got our sidewalk cleared (the entire thing too, even though I was sorely tempted to just clear a shovel width path), both porches, a path to the garage and half the driveway apron. Damn but I hate shoveling the driveway apron. It’s got the normal snow plus all the road crap snow they plow up onto it. Blech. TheMan called out with hot breakfast (mmmMMmmm) and then we both finished up afterwards.

My poor glove bit it with all the shoveling though. Sadness, but I needed new gloves anyway and set my mind to go finding a pair when I went out and about. TheMan, however, started rummaging around in the hall closet to see if there might be a pair lurking there that I could use and lo! He found a glove! And then he found the other glove, but it belonged to a different pair. Then a third different glove, a fourth different glove, then the mate to the first glove – which I would have fondly appropriated but for the fact that they were the holy Switzerland gloves [insert angelic f/x here] and TheMan wanted them – then a fifth different glove, then the mate to the second pair of gloves – which weren’t the holy Switzerland gloves but really, really, similar and finally the remaining pairings for all the other miscellaneous gloves. Had I but known we had the closet of holding for gloves, I would have ditched my busted out pair weeks ago. Long story longer, I gots new(ish) gloves!!!

Oh! I forgot about the weirdness Sunday afternoon. Whilst boogering around on the internet in the family room, I heard a bangity screen door noise coming from the front door. I thought that was odd so I looked up at our little peep window to see the screen door open up. Then the door handle went jigglity-jiggle loud enough that TheMan could hear it in the other room. Fortunately, the door was locked which seemed to deter whoever it was since the screen door then closed and all was quiet. I sat there for a while thinking, “Buh?” and then I galvanized into action with a hearty, “Buh?” because…what the hell?

I thought it might be the post man, but why would he try to get in the house? Then I thought maybe someone put a flyer something on the inner door handle, so I took a peek. No flyer, no package but there was a set of boot prints all booty in the snow. Buh? Did someone seriously try to break into our house in the middle of the afternoon or does the Neighborhood Watch have a door to door service that checks to make sure you’ve locked your doors all nice and safe like? Frekky!

New gloves yay!

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