Allllllmost There…

This is an odd Christmas “week” so to speak because we’re getting out of work on the 21st – four whole days before the event. Four! That’s oodles of time to get all my Christmas shopping and wrapping and making (oh yes, there will be some home made Christmas cheer) done. Oodles! So what have I done so far? NOTHING!

Well not exactly true. I *think* we have more or less all the pieces parts of all the Christmas presents but I haven’t pulled them all out to check yet either. Will I do this before Monday? Hopefully but I’ll probably be lazy the whole weekend and wind up running around like a headless Chicken on Monday.

Oh! Reminder to self: Laundry and packing.

I am still not mentally into the Christmas thing yet, despite my constant state of squee. I’ve got the the thought in my head that I have about two weeks to go until D-day (or C-day?) and really I have less than a week. Today I realized that tomorrow is the last work day of 2007 and I haven’t yet begun any of the shutdown stuff we have to do. I bet my head thinks it can start on that next week. I should probably make a note to myself about all the stuff I have to do so it gets done.

We did manage to hook up with my THING that they didn’t pack in the bags yesterday. Big huzzah there. Other than that, not a lot is happening. Sorry, we’re just boring (and extremely time disoriented) here. Ah well.

Also! Another note, but for all of yous this time. Updates might be a bit sporadic as we take the Q family traveling Christmas show on the road. Never fear, postdating is becoming second nature so I will continue with the post a day for all of December. Oh say, I need to do some stats too so I have them all by the end of the year. Huh. Note to self I guess.

Wow (the expression). Are you as bored reading this as I am writing it? Gah. I’ll let you go then and continue doing whatever it was that you were doing before you thought it was a great idea to come here and see if I’ve updated. Yet. Ummm…well I have. Sorta.

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