Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

Did you know that there are only 2 work days left in 2007? TWO! Where the did the year go? Also, there are only two work days plus two weekend days plus a day until Christmas!!!! Big ball of *squeee*, except I don’t yet have all my Christmas stuff done.

We were talking Christmas carols yesterday and one of the assistants asked what my favorite carol was and also did I have a favorite version or singer (actually, that question was asked around so I wasn’t singled out). I had to pause, for while I like a lot of carols, I hadn’t really thought about my favorite. I went with “Carol of the Bells” preferably preformed a cappella by a small mixed choir. Although, you really can’t go wrong with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for your basic Christmas Carol needs. I hope my mom has some MTC for when we go over there on Monday.

Then I got to thinking about what were my least favorite Christmas carols…even so far as to ask if there are carols I hate. Silver Bells is kind of annoying because it’s played ALL THE DAMNED TIME and really, really, sleep inducingly slow but as a carol I find it has a pleasing melody. Rudolph is also overplayed but it’s OK. Then I remembered The Big Book of Carols that lives in Grandma Minnie’s place. Every year we go up to see Grandma Minnie at Christmas time and every year we go “caroling” at the home which…isn’t my beef. Caroling is cool, but inevitably we run through all the fun carols (Gloooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oooooo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ooooo-oo- oo-oo-oo-oooooria) and wind up at the damned Hippopotamus Song. I hate the Hippopotamus Song. Why would you want a Hippopotamus for Christmas? I’d never even heard of the Hippopotamus Song until The Big Book of Carols and I would have been fine living out the rest of my life never having heard of the Hippopotamus Song but no. And now it’s stuck in my head.

I’m also not very fond of “A Marshmallow World” which is also in the Big Book of Carols.

Speaking of funner Christmas tidings, I am almost done with my shopping HUZZAH! I stopped by World Market to pick up some stocking stuffers (and found the awesomest stuff for TheMan) and incidental other things and came away with about 80% of my total Christmas Needs. It would have been more if they hadn’t left one of my purchases out of the bag, which I didn’t catch until I was home. I called them up right away and said “Hey! Yous didn’t pack my thing!” and they were all “What is the specific thing you are talking about?” Which..OK that makes sense because any yahoo could call up and say “You didn’t pack my thing!” but it still annoyed me. I was home and my thing was there and there was no way I was coming back for it that night. Plus, the charge was on the card and I hate paying for something I don’t have. Irksome. They were cool though and told me that it was at the counter in a bag with the menorah.

I…didn’t get a menorah so someone either got the same thing I did or someone’s menorah got lonely and hopped into the bag with my abandoned thing. This makes twice this season that a menorah has gone missing (well in my case, found I suppose but probably someone somewhere is going “Damnit, where is my menorah?”) since someone lost one at the U the other day. Weird.

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  1. Amy Says:

    NPR listeners voted Paul McCartney’s “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time” to be the worst. “Little Drummer Boy” was up there, as was “Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer.”

    I like “Carol of the Bells”, too — and “Silent Night.”

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