Weekend Daze

That which does not kill me, is blueberry!

Saturday! The day of the Second Annual Beach Party Bru-ha-ha and since I hadn’t cleaned any Friday night like I had planned, I was up early to muck out the living room. Three hours, folks, it took me three hours to spic and span the place. Well not with real spic and span but I dusted! I even dusted the window sills. Oooo! I vacuumed both futons until all the cat hair had been extracted, or at least enough so that both futons were a reasonable facsimile of their intended color. I rearranged some of the stuffed guys and all of them got brushed of and shaken a little to get the fuzz and dust off of them. Then, after the vacuuming and dusting and stuffed guy thwacking I swiffered the whole floor. I’m talking moving all the furniture around and getting underneath. Yeah, I cleaned! It looked so purdy too. Ahhhh.

You would not believe the cat hair Isaak managed to get between the cushions of his rocking chair. I had, or so I thought, thoroughly scrubbed that thing up one and down the other but there seems to be this extra dimensional space between the seat cushion and the back cushion that can house an incredible amount of cat hair. The vacuum hose can stick through the gap but somehow can not suck the hair up that is in it and to all outside observation, the chair is clean of fuzz. You have to disassemble the seating structure in order to get to that last bit of hair stash. I think I found enough there for an entire kitty if someone is interested in a rocking chair Siamese. Poor kitties had to watch in horror from their back room banishment as I ruined all their hard work in one whirlwind cleaning frenzy.

But, things got all ship shape and we had a good dozen plus people show up. The RCK and her husband and their wee one (11 weeks) showed up fashionably late (or maybe on time, I think our first guest was a half hour late and that set the trend) but TheMan and I were all about shorts, bare feet and grillin so timeliness pretty darn non existent. People came, we said “hi”, we chatted, we ate. Fini! Delia (the little one) was pretty funny all round eyed and agog at the activity. Everyone wanted to meet her too (this was her first social outing) so she was passed around and bounced. She is all about the bouncing. She held up amazingly well for a tiny tot on her first big adventure with tons of new people to meet and she lasted three hours with nary a fuss. Not that I know from tiny tots but three hours seems like an extraordinary time for a small one to be more or less pleasant around a ton of new stimuli. Heh, I still have problems going that long without getting cranky.

Of course after a while Delia had had enough and told ma and pa that it was time to go home. It was really good to see Delia in the flesh and say howdy to The RCK and her husband after not seeing them since May or so. I was a little bummed about not getting to interact much with them (I was playing hostess to the outside group as the inside group had gotten a bit large for the living room) and I missed out on bouncing Delia. Maybe that’s for the better, I have a feeling I was having a scary kid day and I think Delia just might have burst into fits of screams when it came time for me to play with her. Sometimes I have “The Look” and it just sends kids into tears. I dunno what that’s all about but I do know I inherited it from my mumses. She can do the same thing only much better.

So TheMan had a wonderful time being grill master and hanging with his peeps and generally kicking back. We had blueberry pie, which was a combo effort of my l33t pie making skillz (re: Pre-made pie shells and Betty Crocker blueberry pie directions minus the top crust. What are you crazy? Top crust? Ch-yah, right I’m going to put on a freekin top crust, what am I industrious?) and Barb’s better judgment (she made up some great crisp and we had Dutch blueberry pie pies). It was tasty and we only have about 3 pounds of blueberries left to deal with now. Heh!

Sunday afternoon we were going to bottle wine but TheMan had forgotten to soak the corks so we postponed it until that evening. It gave me time to take a nap on my freshly cleaned futon and it gave the kitties time to re-cat hair the place. The “I” was all about reestablishing the comfy fuzz layer on his rocking chair so he spent the better part of the mid afternoon either rolling around on the chair or napping with me. After all, a nap with cat mom is a treasured event! He can repopulate his favorite chair any time of the night. Little kitty spent the afternoon snoozing on top of the DM’s chair. I think it is her new favorite place.

Rob came over in the evening and TheMan dragged the blood orange wine up from downstairs. It got a little disturbed from the slight jostling so he decided to let it settle some. Then, when he put the tablets that kill the yeast in all hell broke loose and the whole thing clouded up. He was right pissed. So, the lessons we learned from yesterday were: 1. Soak the corks the night before. 2. Bring up the wine the night before or rack it off to another carboy when it’s in the cellar and all settled like. 3. Add the yeast killing tablets after separating the wine from the sediment. Still, nothing bad has come of it so far from our learning process, just that we are set back in the bottling schedule. We might bottle tonight if the wine has settled or tomorrow depending on how cloudy things are or are not.

The bitter disappointment of not bottling was eased somewhat by a bout of Nearly Networked Neverwinter Nights. The Mac versions had come in Saturday and TheMan had installed it on both powerbooks so we could tool about in the same game all networked like. Unfortunately the PC was having none of that and refused to acknowledge the Macs. PCs are that way sometimes, all elitist like. My PC has a ‘tude too, it gets all cranky when it logs on and discovers one of the powerbooks has taken the IP address it prefers. Fortunately the Macs are pretty congenial machines and have no problem taking a different IP addie rather than enduring the fit the PC would undoubtedly throw if they didn’t relinquish the “special happy PC addie”. Maybe the powerbooks just feel sorry for the beast, who knows.

Last night, though, we decided that the PC version was probably too old and that we would have to download the 30 bazillion giga-meta-infa-byte patch which wasn’t happening any time soon (try overnight download) so Rob just tooled around in the single mode game and learned the lay of the land while TheMan and I played in the danger room module. I tweaked my idea for a character around (neat feature of the danger room: You can add or subtract levels and buy all sorts of equipment with free money so you can design a character that works rather than playing a character for a bazillion hours and finding out that way back when you should have done X thing instead of Y and now you are screwed) and we basically just played with trying to find strategies to work together. I still need to work on my character concept and I’m not even sure I’m going to stick with it either but who knows.

Lastly, the Little Kitty and I had a go at it this morning. She gets nasty ear goop which has to be cleaned every so often (no idea what’s wrong with the cat and neither does the vet. I think the conclusion about it last time I took her in was “She gets dirty ears”) and she is NOT happy about that at all. It’s pretty much me holding her in a bear hug with one elbow and grabbing onto her ear with the hand of said elbow while the other hand does the Q-tipping. She fusses and howls up a storm like I’m excavating her brain or something and does not quit until she can squirm free. It’s a fun time for all involved.

This morning I noticed that one of her nails is inflamed (she probably caught it on sometime and pulled it. Little Kitty aint too bright and hasn’t grasped the concept of unhooking a caught claw. Instead she pulls until something gives, I think it was her claw this time) so I got out a bowl of warm soapy water in which to dip and hopefully irrigate said angry toe. Nothing is more fun to a cat than getting dipped in water so we had another bout of howling and scrabbling and then a fit of sulking after I had scrubbed and swished the inflamed foot around a bit. She isn’t limping or favoring the leg in any way and I hope all the licking to get it dry helps with the inflammation but I may have to run poor Little Kitty in to the vets for some doctoring. They will probably yell at me for letting her toes get so long, but dammit I know the clipper is in the house somewhere.

*sigh* And that is my bleuterberry weekend all wrapped up. Meow (hssst hssst)

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