The Traveling Christmas Show Takes to the Road

My mom was all “Take a picture of the centerpiece! Take a picture of the centerpiece!!” so TheMan got jiggy with the camera. I think my mom feels kinda guilty for not having a centerpiece for Thanksgiving and wants to show the booniverse readers that she still has it with respect to centerpiecing. She also probably wants everyone to know that these came from her favorite admirer and also that she choppered the hell out of them to make them all centerpiece-y. Apparently they got a little too cold when they were a big ol’ bouquet and some of the flowers didn’t make it as long stemmed beauties. They did, however, sheer off nicely into this short but classy centerpiece deelie so there you go. Also, the centerpiece goes with both red and white wine. That’s my mumses, all Martha fashion conscious.

TheMan and I got a late start on the roving Christmas show because of this and that and whatnot. We finally arrived (after having to turn back for the pepper bread mix and cat bed) at 3ish, only an hour or so later than we had planned. More or so-ish, actually, but who’s counting? Sis and husband were even later than they said so ha! And also? Totally how we roll at my mumses’s house. We got to eat amazingly delish French onion soup while waiting though. Mr. Paul makes a mean French Onion soup. When I take over the world, I’m going to open a restaurant and have a Mr. Paul Soup day and people will come flocking from everywhere for his French Onion Soup.

Huzzah! It’s Sis and the crew. Rocky and Juneau are probably already in and boogering around in that doggy type fashion. I think Sis’s man is right behind her. Also behind sis, but well behind sis, is the china cabinet where my mom stores all her Christmas plates. She made a new tradition this year and had us pick Rolos with number spots on the bottom. The guy who got number one Rolo got to choose first what plate set they were going to eat off of and then Rolo 2 got to choose etc. I got number 1 Rolo and went for the moose plates. Natch. Sis got number 6 Rolo. Heh.

Rocky didn’t get a Rolo but that didn’t seem to matter to him. He had other things on his mind, like draining the water dish. What me? I wasn’t drinking. Swear!

Were too! I totally saw you lapping up all the water. Busted Mister!

Lucy forgets that she’s hung with the big dogs every time they come over so there was much ado about big dogs for the first half hour or so. Eventually she decided that the big dogs were OK and quit with the bark bark bark.

Here we all are around the plates of our choosing. I have no idea how the front of the table and the window in back are both in focus and none of the people in between are. I guess I’m just that good at taking pics or something. Maybe this is us several cups into the wine and we just naturally look blurry? Who knows! But it’s a good blurry pic so I decided to run with it.

We ate, we hung and we coined a new phrase for the square plates. Sis’s man spent most of the night messing with my mom and the plate karma (he was delighting in switching out the set parts for other random non matching plate parts which drove my mom bonkers. He also kept rotating the plates off center to be annoying as well, hence why the snowman is kind of off kilter here). Finally my mom told him to stop messing with the fucky square plate. Heh. From this day forward it is my goal to see that mom has enough fucky square plate sets so that everyone can have one. She’s not entirely keen on that idea. Hmmm.

Mom and Mr. Paul were illin with the Winter Crud so they didn’t drag out the big tree. They did however, put the big tree topper on the tiny tree which made me a bit nervous. Still, it was festive and there was plenty of space for prezzies. PREZZIES! We capped the evening off with coffee and a late night move viewing of Transformers and went to bed in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

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