Restless Spirits of 1000 Angry Ancestors

After a car ride in the kitty carrier, a night at my mom’s house and a visit with a big dog, another car ride to Saginaw in the kitty carrier and a night at a funny smelling hotel, Isaak was in a high pissy state of being. He was so mad that he growled at his food as he ate it.

We figured that the hotel cleaning crew had used the Restless Spirits of 1000 Angry Ancestors to clean the rooms and that they were pissing Isaak off to no end. Little kitty kept a respectful and alert distance from him all night long. She also figured out how to get under the nightstand (we lost her for about 20 minutes) and under the dressor (we lost her for 10 minutes) in spaces that I would have sworn a cat couldn’t have gotten into. I was obviously wrong although I think I saw the back of Vande-cat’s eyeballs when she squooze herself out from the nightstand.

We had a bit of caroling at Grandma Minnie’s home –

– in which we did NOT sing the Marshmallow World song huzzah! Margaret (our piano player) doesn’t like it either and in the words of DadQ, “It’s just a stupid song.” After caroling we fwooshed up north!

Sometime around Gaylord we hit freezing fog which coated all the trees in a pretty white dusting of ice. No rain or snow though, which was full of yay.

The fogginess lit the bridge up nicely. The towers were all glowy while the fog sort of obscured the background and everything else, which I’m not sure this picture really does it justice. So just imagiine it looking about 110% cooler.

We got to see the freighter “American Courage” puttering along through the straight while we passed overhead. We actually had no idea what the name of the ship was, but I got a bug about it when I noticed that in several of the shots the name was almost readable. TheMan did his mighty TheMan magic and discovered that I had captured the American Courage. He then went sniffering around teh intertubes and found this site (Great Lakes Ships) which cronicles a bunch of freight carriers that prowl the Great Lakes.

We got up north of north before the snow and settled in for the last night of Christmas.

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