Vini, Vidi, Vino!

Oooo! Pretty pics at TheMan’s site.

Hrrrumph! I was going to tell all about our first stages of pre-lush but TheMan beat me to it . OK, the pics were on his camera so I guess he has the prettier post (look at the shiny happy table of bottles!) but I certainly have the better title! Shut-up, I do too. In fact, I’m going to post the same story anyhow because otherwise I would be all saddened by the waste of clever titlage. I’ll try to put a different spin on it so y’all who have read TheMan’s blurb wont be a-snoozing by the time you get to the meat of today’s blog.

HEY! YOU! Wake up!

Heh. So like he said, we bottled the Blood Orange wine last night. This marks the first wine making I have participated in from start to finish and it’s pretty darn exciting. Our first wine! Awwwww, it’s so cuuuute! Actually, TheMan is the WineMeistro of the Q house while I fill the role of Creative Consultant/Process Engineer/Gopher. In other words, he does the majority of the planning, doing and tinkering with the wine and I sometimes come up with ideas for the next wine (OK, kiwi watermelon maybe wasn’t the best idea but I’m taking all the credit for the elderberry wine we will be making sometime when the elderberry bushes we have yet to order and then plant have grown enough to produced a viable wine yield. Say 2006?). I also have occasional insights into better process implementation and I make a mean go fetch girl.

Doesn’t everyone know how to create a good siphon? To me it’s like tying your shoes; everyone just knows how to do that by the time they reach middle school (or before). So yesterday when TheMan struggled to get a siphon going it really took me by surprise. I mean…a siphon! Then again, TheMan doesn’t have a freaky engineer dad who did strange things like teach his kids about siphons, gears, parabolas, catenary curves, what have you by the time they were in kindergarten. True fact: I was the only kid in my preschool class who knew what a parabola was. I also have about 20 years of fish tank experience and believe you me, you learn fast the best way to create and maintain a siphon when you have to drain 55 gallons of scummy fish water. Bucket brigade just don’t cut it (and is a lot more effort. Me, effort? Bwahahaha!).

Just one of those interesting slices of life when you realize that what you know isn’t necessarily basic knowledge for your fellow man. After all, everyone’s dad can’t have been all about sharing the Mechanical Engineering love with their kids. Heh, and I’m sure TheMan has those “What kind of a freak doesn’t know about X” moments when he is talking to me too but he’s kind enough not to post them in his blog. I bet there are a whole pack of them he keeps rattling around in his head. Heh!

ANYWAY, we got the wine into bottles and corked and it’s sitting pretty on the kitchen island. I feel like a proud parent. Look! My wine! We gave it a taste to see if it had gone right and YOWZA! Harsh, man, harsh! TheMan had to explain to me that it was a good harsh and that in time the bite would go away. You know, something called ‘mellowing’ or whatever. Heh. You see why I am the gopher and he is the WineMeistro? So once I got over the fact that the harsh was a natural process I was able to ignore it and look to the flavor beyond. Not bad at all. I am looking forward to trying it in several (many) months from now when it has had a chance to become more wine like and less cleaner fluid-esque.

We also dinked with the apple cider wine to get it to clear up a bit more and took a taste of that too while we had it out. Mmmmm! THAT stuff is going to be delish when it’s bottled. We started it in September or October of last year so it has had a little more time to mellow out. I expect the apple wine will be much sweeter and fizzier judging by what I had last night. On the other hand, the orange wine will have much more of a kick: According to the stats, I think it came out as being 18% alcohol. We may have just bypassed wine and gone straight to brandy with that numberage. Woah.

2 Responses to “Vini, Vidi, Vino!”

  1. susan Says:

    Wow, the blood orange wine looks BEAUTIFUL. That color is amazing. I’m ALL IMPRESSED!

  2. boo Says:

    I’m just impressed that the wine made it to this final stage and nothing blew up, burned down or was put in the hospital at any time during the process. Heh (although TheMan did gouge his thumb pretty good cleaning bottles….hmmm!). I’m all happy that we have wine! I mean, look…we (TheMan) made WINE! Snotty French dudes make wine and look! I (TheMan) did it too!

    Wait, did I just call myself a snotty Frenchman?

    Thanks though, it *is* a really pretty blush color with just a weird hinting of orange thrown in. I might just go home and look at our little wine bottles for a bit.