A Day of Memage

And no Hippopotamus song was sung because it’s a stupid song. Amen!

Holy wah, this is my fifth update today. There just isn’t enough going on and I’ve run out of pictures yet someone thought it would be awesome to update every day in December. Thus, I am reduced to memeing (meming?). I stole this from Bitchypoo and I’m adopting her attatude except I’m going to be even more laid back. If you feel like continuing the meme, go for it. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the read.

1. Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your Blog.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird things about yourself.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post and include links to their Blogs.
4. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their Blog.


I’m not really good at learning languages because my memory for little details isn’t all crispy clear. Thus, I’m apt to forget things like the gender of a noun or how to conjugate a verb correctly but! My language forte is being able to work around words I don’t know by using any and all similar words that I do know. It makes for odd sentences but it’s communicating and that’s what language is all about.


Today I discovered that little dill pickles that are the size of sweet pickles just don’t taste right. They really don’t taste any different than normal big dill pickles but mentally I just can not abide by small sweet sized dill pickles. *shudder*


My sister has these weird deformed kneecaps which sort of float around on her legs instead of being anchored properly in place. My mom just found out that her kneecaps too are weird floaty things. I’ve always known I have bad knees but it occurs to me that my knees might be bad because I’ve inherited the weird floatiness. I’m not going to go exploring that though, because I’m fine with just knowing my knees are bad. I don’t need to know why.




I do not like rollercoaster hills. I do like rollercoaster twists and turns and loops though so I’ll suffer through the big hill for my fun twisties.


My poor small plork is struggling for a six and seven. AIEEEEE!


OK! Got one. I got new red socks for Christmas to replace the red socks that I had to pitch out and I’m delieriously happy about my new socks. SOCKS!

Last year at the booniverse: Here’s the welcome wagon for the Marquette Children’s Museum. Come on in, little kids…CHOMP! Muahahahahaha!

Last last year at the booniverse: JSFR: Flute Wafers (coconut)

The year before at the booniverse: Finally! The UP. And another sunroof shot. I love me the bug’s sunroof, it alleviates a lot of picture boredom.

The year before that at the booniverse: I got my official Q necklace (Dad Q made a design thingit that he, Mom Q, DQ and now I have as a pendant. I’m an official Q now!) all happy on a beautiful chain (and I wore it right alongside my emerald necklace I did. Fashion be dammned!)

In the past at the booniverse: Can’t even think of a random entry either.

4 Responses to “A Day of Memage”

  1. Patti Says:

    That hippo song cracks me up…it’s a stupid song, but it’s so (I’m sorry. The only word here I can think of is “retarded”, and I suppose a special ed teacher shouldn’t use that word!!)…so, something!
    Hey, speaking of Q, the library near my dad’s house is the Q***** Library. I excitedly shared this Smithee trivia with Jeff, and I pondered the idea of taking a picture of me in front of the sign, holding a SMITHEES RULE sign. Jeff looked at me like I was crazy, and so I didn’t but now I wish I had. I would have received a Super OnLine Stalker necklace, undoubtedly. (Jeff’s last name–NOT my last name!!–is Bletch, so if you ever see a Bletch Library, think of him :)).

  2. Patti Says:

    I should add that I am referring to my dad’s house in Englewood, Florida, 994 miles and about 90 degrees F from here 🙂

  3. Boo Says:

    ARRRGH! Hippo song. I am a happy camper this caroling season because NO HIPPO SONG!

    We don’t think that the Florida Q library is our Qs, but it could be maybe one of the other distant Q branches. Our Qs are primarily Bellview Qs and somewhat the Ypsi Qs.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I also like the Hippo song. And Hippopotamuses like me, too.

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