Leaping Into The New Year

So. MomQ made these cookies see. And…ummm…they are really, really tasty. Not that I’ve had about a bazillion of them. Nope. I’ve had about a bazillion of the ones you don’t see in the picture since she made about 11 different varieties.

Uuuurg. Cookies so good. Between cookies, cheese, fish and JSFRs it’s a wonder I didn’t gain an entire wardrobe size. One of my New Year’s Intentions this year is to lose a little weight each month. Even if it’s only a pound, I want that scale to say something less at the end of the month than it did at the beginning. That seems easy yes? It means I’m going to have to watch the munching and do a little more moving but I think that’s doable.

Today we celebrated the New Year in the typical Q tradition: Watching the parade and eating shrimp. I love shrimp. Actually I love shrimp sauce but it’s a little weird to eat the sauce by the spoonful. Thus, shrimp is the perfect vehicle for consuming shrimp sauce. Mmmm. The parade was parade-a-rific. They had a northern lion doing its northern lion dance thing which was cool and they seemed to have more international bands this year than I remember them having. Certainly the Band from Japan won for coolest band maneuver ever when they went around that tight corner that everyone’s always going on about. Normally a band just keeps on doing their band thing and chugs around the corner such that the inside guys are taking little baby steps while the outside guys are leaping around the turn. Not so much with the Japanese band, oh no. The rows sort of folded in on themselves as the outside people ran towards the center point so instead of having giant 30-40 foot lines of marching people, they squished each row down to about 10-15 feet. Awesome.

I’ve gotten to a ton of JSFRs while up north. I brought up three or four from the great J-List extravaganza and then when we had our final Christmas, TheMan and I unwrapped even more JSFR from Santa DQ. I think I’m all the way into February with pictures and at least three finished reviews ahead. Woah, that feels kinda weird. What also feels weird is to be doing only one review a weekend. I’ve been double reviewing since November what with the crazy NaNoBlowMe and my usual December post a day thing. I’m not too sure on continuing with the post a day in November but I think I’ll keep up the December tradition. I’ll also have to look up when my posting every day and my never posting every day days are so I don’t spoil those trends.

You know what I get to do today? Not relink all the past entries. WHOOOOO! Today marks the first day in an entire year that I don’t have to worry about the previous posts because I took care of them all here and there. Yeah, I know. It’s the little things that make me happy.

Like cookies!!!

I haven’t mentioned much about the Christmas loot yet because we left a good chunk of it downstate at my mom’s house. She’s storing the stuff that would only get in the way (like pants!) and I’m sure that there is something infinitely cool in the pile that I will forget and whoever gave it to us would go “Hey! What about that cool thing *I* gave you?!?” Then I’d have to perform the dance of a thousand apologies and all that so it’s better to have the entire kit and caboodle front and center. I will mention two items though, because one I’ve been wearing all the time and the other…I’ve also been wearing all the time.

My mom got me some wikid jammies (that don’t have lacy or whatnot. She wanted to let me know she reads the blog!) which I adore. I love my lambie jammies save for the lacy bits around the edge of the top, which means that I usually just wear the bottoms and a T-shirt. But my new jammie pants have these awesome teal and brown and purple and possibly many other colored stripes and come with a creamy no lacy top and a chocolaty no lacy top. The best part is that they are made out of T-shirt like material so they are a little cooler than my flannel lambie jammies. LOVE!!

The other awesome thing I got is a flannel woobie from Zukey Lake Tavern. It’s been my constant warm pull over whilst I’ve been up north. Cozy! I think perhaps my mom may have gotten some pizza on it or something because the cats have been alternately snorting my side or licking me for hours. The first day I chalked up to the cats being weird, the second day I chucked the woobie in the wash after they licked me damp. Yuck. Still, it’s a very cozy woobie.

Not much else going on. We’re planning on heading downstate tomorrow so I should get some packing done.

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