They’ll Snorkel The Information Right Out

The minute you leave the room, that Apple will snorkel around for your personal information and steel it away. You don’t even have to be online, it’ll wander around the room until it finds an old electric bill or bank statement and then SHLOOP! All your personal info is somewhere else. In fact, I recommend you not even read this entry unless you are in a secure room because even the picture of that Apple is capable of snorkeling up all sorts of stuff. And it’s not just the Apple, any computer is suspect of snorkeling.

Hee. This weekend Mr. Paul was relating his “Tech guy for dad” computer stories and apparently, Mr. Paul’s dad was being a little overly paranoid about security. He wanted to make sure things were super extra secure so that They couldn’t “snorkel up his personal information”. Which is not such a bad idea, but I don’t think Mr. Paul’s parents have an internet connection so I’m not sure how They are going to manage the snorkeling. Thus, we had a good giggle about computers and how they get up when you’re not looking and roam around for personal info to send to the nebulous (and darkly mysterious) They. I think we were just all amused by the thought of computer pirates snorkeling anything from anywhere.

But do be careful. You never know what this technology is doing behind your back and if you find little tiny flippers and a small air tank, run a virus search and destroy immediately.

I’d say how blerg it was to be back to work today after two weeks off but I contracted the ill on Sunday and stayed home. That looks really bad, doesn’t it? “Oh dear, I’m [cough cough] sick and can’t come in today.” But truly, I think I have an ear infection or a mad weasel stuck in my estuation tubes because the pain is very much the painful. Wah! And also ow. I did find that Alka-Seltzer Cold and Flu plus Advil knocks the pain down to an uncomfortable pressure but I think I might be over medicating. None of the ingredients overlap but A-K C&F+ has a pain reliever and Advil is a pain reliever which is two pain relievers right? Isn’t that bad or something? I don’t know how much I really care though because Mmmmm, no pain!

Huh, I said I’d post a Christmas Goodies haul post as soon as I reconnected with all my goodies, which I did on Saturday, but I don’t feel like it now. My ear is trying to hatch a feral marmoset and that dampens my creativity and picture taking mood severely. Come to think on it, I’m not sure we got a whole lot of picture worthy stuff. I mean, my mumses got us really cozy dark red flannel sheets and I got jammies but a pic would be sort of hum drum. TheMan got two cool interview outfits from my sis (who wrocks the fashion thing quite severely) but that too is like “…and?” Maybe I’ll think of something and take some clever pics. Or not. Don’t bother me, I’m busy with an EXPLODING EAR!

And say, here’s the best for last: Today is my sis’s 35th birthday. Happy birthday sis! She celebrated by driving back from Florida.

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  1. Bailey Says:

    You might want to try a natural cure for that ear thingy, don’t ignore it. They can get nasty, and if the feral marmoset gets in your blood system it will gnaw on your plork like a zombie thing. And do damage.

  2. Boo Says:


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