Swish, Gargle, Swallow or Spit

Hey, do you know what Maalox does other than sooth a burning throat? I looked it up and lo! It’s also an anti-diarrhea medicine. An anti-diarrhea medicine I’ve been gargling and swallowing two teaspoons of every four hours for the past two days now. This explains some things. I think from here on out I’m going to be a spitter rather than a swallower (hee) because swallowing is causing hereto unanticipated secondary effects.

Also! On the scale front I searched around for a standard weight thingit to check my scale and decided to plop down one of the 10 pound free weights we had hanging about. It read 9 pounds which doesn’t rock my world but certainly doesn’t make up for the 40 pound discrepancy between the docs and home. I also plopped the 40 pound kitty litter bag on the scale and it stayed true to its 9 pounds for every 10. Thus, while it is also probably true that my boots do not weigh 20 pounds each, I suspect the doc’s scale reads slightly heavy. Still, I ain’t no 240 pounds by at least two decent sized cats and this settles my mind.

I am, however, heavier than I want to be so I’ve started up with the Norditrack again. That and paying closer attention to snacking and portion control should help me to attain my New Year’s Intention to loose some weight in January. Already I’ve exercised two days in a row, which doesn’t seem like much save I’m sick and I really didn’t want to work out. But I did. I feel mighty pleased about that. Hopefully I can keep up the good show for a week or so until it becomes less of a chore and more of a routine.

I also haven’t dipped into the candy jar both days I’ve been back to work. Wrock.

Speaking of candy jar, the IT guy left me a present Tuesday. I came in to find a package of ginger chews from the Orient sitting on my chair. Wheee! He doesn’t know it but he just contributed to the JSFR as well as the candy jar. Heh. The IT guy is a hoot, he’s always dipping into the candy jar whenever he comes around and being Vietnamese, he actually appreciates some of the JSFRs I’ve tossed in the jar. He grew up on a few of the candies so it’s a nostalgia thing for him. He also feels guilty for mowing on the candy so every now and then I find that he’s left me some fun candies. Stay tuned for the debut of Indonesian Ginger Chews over at the JSFR.

BTW, Word recognizes Maalox but has no idea what a eustation tube is. I pity the day it gets an ear infection.

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2 Responses to “Swish, Gargle, Swallow or Spit”

  1. Sean K. Says:

    Interesting. I didn’t know Maalox helped with anything other than diarrhea (I think that’s what they market it for).

    Also, Word is confused on the tube in your ear because it’s actually “eustachian.” I had to look it up myself, as I was thinking it ended with “-tian”, but no.

  2. Boo Says:

    Yeah…I thought Maalox and Peptobismol (sp?) were roughly the same thing, but the doc was all “Maalox to sooth the throat” so I thought “Huh, maybe I’m wrong…?”

    Weirdly, I Googled “eustation” and came up with all sorts of ear tube info so I assumed I had it right. Double huh!

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