December Blog-stats

Last but definitely not least, it’s the December booniverse blog-stats.

Those of you who are long time booniverse readers or who have decided to go on an archives binge may have noticed that I tend to blog every day in the month of December. Save 2004 because…errr…I didn’t. Which is really odd because I did 31 posts in 2003 so you would think that I’d continue with the trend but for some reason in 2004 I said “Pfft, screw THAT noise” and chucked the whole post a day idea. Then in 2005 I brought it back and have continued on with it every year since.

What, the booniverse fickle? Say it ain’t so!

  • Since I have at least one year of blogging every single day in December, there are no days in which I did not blog for the entire December life of the booniverse.
  • Having gone at least two years of straight December blogging, it stands to reason that there were no days in any of the Decembers that I only blogged once. My posting rate is going to be awesome.
  • The number of December days that have 2 posts is 0
  • The number of December days that have 3 posts is 0
  • The number of December days that have 4 posts is 15 (December 1, 10-16, 24, 26-28, 30-31)
  • And thus we come to the big but somewhat disappointing prize: There are only 16 days in all of the Decembers that I posted every day. Considering that 2004 and 2002 were the only years I did not blog every day in December, this is sad. Those days that did manage to get on the coveted 5 post list are: December 2-7, 9, 17-23, 25, 29
  • There are 161 posts in five year’s plus half a December’s worth of posts which comes out to a 91.5% posting rate. That would be 6.4 posts per week on average.
  • December takes the cake for highest posting rate but I figured it would because of the reoccurring post a month thing. December also had the hardest stats to figure out because I started the booniverse way back 2002 in the middle of the month. Why? Note to self: This project would have been much easier if I had started on the 1st or not at all in December.
  • Another blog-stat oddity was that although 2002 and 2004 both got a 71% posting rate (which should be about average or high average, I don’t have my cumulative stats on me at the moment and am too lazy to figure it out again), they refused to coordinate schedules so that I was not posting on the same day. Oh no. 2002 had 7 days of no posting and 2004 had 8 days of no posting and overall I’m missing 15 days of blogging every December. Bastards.

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