Laidoff-a-palooza and Other Weekend Stories

I made voodoo boss cookies for our impromptu Laidoff-a-palooza party Sunday. Bubbles and Badmovie’s work place decided to up and close their Michigan office and unless the employees want to work in Kansas, Virginia or North Carolina they are out of a job. Bubbles is a year away from completing a specialized degree and Badmovie just bought a house so neither took the company up on the offer. Besides, who’s to say that in a year’s time they wont also close those offices and offer promises of unemployment or relocation to Hoboken?

That was pretty much Sunday’s activities in a nutshell. Booze, food and commiseration.

Saturday we boogered around on Warcraft for a bit and then went to TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s place to play laptop doctor. Well TheMan got all gowned up to replace TheRCK’s hinge busted screen, I just went for the company. It took much longer than originally planned because Mssr. Gonkweasel ordered a (machine) right hand hinge to replace the (operator) right hand hinge. What is the proper frame of reference for a laptop anyway? Fortunately, TheMan had an old dead laptop of the same make and model so we zoomed home to pick it up and then zoomed back to finish the repairs. Another couple of hours later and the computer was fixed…after a fashion. There are some crazy weird artifacting errors but the screen is firmly attached and working. Ish.

As usual I can not remember what we did on Friday so I suppose this is your lucky short weekend recap entry.

P.S. I scored a parking spot out back this morning and my ear thing is ever so slowly getting better. Things are looking up.

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